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James Bowie history

The Sea of Mud Knife: James Bowie’s Knife Found? Pt. 1

A bowie knife recovered from a "sea of mud" 160 years after the Battle of the Alamo has some wondering whether Jim Bowie's personal blade has finally been found.
george washington knife revolutionary war

How George Washington’s Penknife Saved the United States of America

A penknife gifted to George Washington at age 15 may have meant the difference between the general resigning at Valley Forge and continuing to fight the British.
president abraham lincoln knives

Knife History: Abraham Lincoln’s Fruit Knife

A silver folding fruit knife owned by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln? It seems too good to be true.
Abraham Lincoln knives

Knife History: Is This Abraham Lincoln’s Pocketknife?

Before he was the 16th president of the U.S., Abraham Lincoln gifted a pocketknife to "a homelier man than myself." Decades later, the knife found its way to an Illinois collector.
The V&A Museum in London is in possession of a rare notation knife.

Medieval Diners Sang Grace From Notation Knives

They’re called notation knives, and they’re engraved with what amounts to sheet music for multi-voiced song. They’re indicative of the formal role music played...
Bump wins Best of Show.

Knife History Made In Kansas City

Modern custom knife history was made this past weekend as the Knifemakers' Guild and American Bladesmith Society held their first-ever joint knife show.