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AKTI tackles auto bans, among others.

Pro-Knife Effort Will Be Increased

An increased push to repeal anti-knife laws and pass pro-knife ones on the federal and state levels will be the focus of AKTI's pro-knife effort in 2016.
CRKT assisted opener

Claim Gray’s Knife Illegal Appears False

An arresting officer's claim that Freddie Gray was arrested for carrying an illegal knife appears to be baseless, according to state and city laws.
Ron Welling mammoth ivory bowie.

Knife Law Update: Ivory Victory!

The knife law update includes the defeat of a proposed state ban on ivory and a rundown of knife laws at the state and federal levels.
Stop heinous ivory bans!

Ivory Ban Proponents Feel The Heat

Ivory ban proponents are feeling the heat from those who would protect their right to own and sell legal ivory on both the federal and state levels.