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Shop Dump: Kirby Lambert, Mike Quesenberry, And Rick Eaton

Three knifemakers take us into their shop to show us their process and how they forge steel into beautiful blades.

Instagram: Social Media’s Knife Leader

Knifemakers continue to evolve their use of social media platforms to promote their work and expand their customer base.

Shop Dump: Tools The Pros Use

Renowned makers from across the world talk about the tools they use to craft their metal creations.

Knifemakers And Their Tools

Knifemakers from around the world share what equipment they can't live without and how it helps in creating their knives.

San-Mai: Steel Trinity

The three-layer construction of san-mai results in sharp, durable, beautiful blades

Bob & John Horrigan: Brothers In Arms And Blades

John & Bob Horrigan served their country together. Now, John honors his late brother by continuing their passion for knifemaking.

8 Tips for Successful Home-Based Knife Shops

How to keep your shop in operating order and maintain a safe and happy family life in the process By Joe Calton There have been tons...

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