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Change The Types Of Knives You Collect?

You may decide to begin collecting a different genre of knives, departing from what you have collected. If and when that time comes, evaluating your situation and making informed decisions is crucial.

How To Build a Survival Shelter

Over 90 percent of wilderness deaths by mischance are caused by hypothermia. Knowing how to build an emergency shelter quickly can mean the difference between freezing to death and surviving.

8 Amazing Additions To Any Knife Book Library

When you look at these eight knife books that F&W Media has put out, they're not only impressive as a whole, but each individual title is clearly an example of quality work.

History Channel Features Ka-Bar Knives

Ka-Bar Knives is set to star in the premier episode of the new History Channel series What People Earn.
Gerber survival tool

Urban Survival Knife Tools

What has happened in NYC post Sandy can happen to many. In such an instance, you need tools not only that can cut but...

Vacation Knives: Multi-Tool For Emergency Repairs

  A hot multi-tool with a selection of sharp blades in plain and serrated edges, assorted tools such as a spring-loaded pliers, flat-head and Phillips...

Knives Of The Living Dead

Zombies are everywhere you look—movies, TV and sneaking up behind you. Surviving the dreaded zombie apocalypse with creatures running amok eating brains sounds like...