If You Attend or Value the BLADE Show, ACT NOW!


Folks traveling through Georgia to the BLADE Show (www.bladeshow.com) need to help pass SB432 so they can enjoy such knives as the Zero Tolerance 0777, the Blade Magazine 2011 Overall Knife Of The Year®.


The Georgia House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee hearing on SB432, a bill that would establish Knife Law Pre-emption in the state, will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, March 20, Knife Rights reported.


    Knife Law Preemption would protect all law-abiding citizens who carry knives from the patchwork of inconsistent knife laws from jurisdiction to jurisdiction while traveling through the state, including those who will be traveling to the BLADE Show (www.bladeshow.com) June 8-10 at the Cobb Galleria Centre outside Atlanta.


    Once again, we need your help to get this bill passed. Your calls and emails made a big impact passing SB432 in the Georgia Senate. Now, please call or email and ask the members of the Committee to vote YES on SB432 when it is before them for consideration on Tuesday.   


    If you are a Georgia resident it is best that you call ALL the committee members below. If you can’t call, at least email.     


    If you are a BLADE Show attendee from outside of Georgia, please email ALL of the committee members (listed below) and ask them to vote YES on SB432.  

    IMPORTANT: In your email or when you talk to each Representative’s secretary, tell them that that you are a BLADE Show attendee or exhibitor and that the BLADE Show represents MILLIONS of dollars to the Georgia economy. It also represents many hundreds of JOBS in Georgia. All those hotels and restaurants we stay at and eat in during BLADE Show employ many hundreds of people, and SB432 will help support the BLADE Show! You deserve to not have to worry about local knife restrictions when traveling to and attending the BLADE Show, and even a single unjustified and highly publicized arrest could adversely affect BLADE Show attendance!   

    Use Email SUBJECT: Please Vote Yes on SB432 

Ann Purcell – Chairman Dist 159 – ann.purcell@house.ga.gov Phone: 404-656-5139

Willie Talton – Vice Chairman Dist 145 – willie.talton@house.ga.gov Phone: 404-656-5116

Bob Hanner – Dist 148 – bob.hanner@house.ga.gov  Phone: 404-656-7859

Bill Maddox – Dist 127 – billy.maddox@house.ga.gov  Phone: 404-656-3947

Jay Neal – Dist 1 – jay.neal@house.ga.gov Phone: 404-656-5138  

Billy Horne – Dist 71 – gahouse71@yahoo.com Phone: 404-656-0287

Scott Holcomb – Dist 82 – scott.holcomb@house.ga.gov Phone: 404-656-6372  

Gloria Frazier  -Dist 123 – frazier26@comcast.net  Phone: 404-656-0265

Kevin Cooke  -Dist 18 – kevin.cooke@house.ga.gov Phone: 404-656-0325  

Darlene Taylor – Dist 173 – darlene@rose.net Phone: 404-656- 0177

Yasmin Neal  -Dist 75 – yasmin.neal@house.ga.gov Phone: 404-656-0265  

Doug Collins  -Dist 27 – doug.collins@house.ga.gov Phone: 404-656-7737

Tim Bearden  -Dist 68 – tim.bearden@house.ga.gov Phone: 404-656-0287

    It is much, much better to email each member individually, but if you cannot, below are all the email addresses which you can copy and paste into your email:

ann.purcell@house.ga.gov; willie.talton@house.ga.gov; bob.hanner@house.ga.gov; billy.maddox@house.ga.gov; jay.neal@house.ga.gov; gahouse71@yahoo.com; scott.holcomb@house.ga.gov; frazier26@comcast.net; kevin.cooke@house.ga.gov; darlene@rose.net; yasmin.neal@house.ga.gov; doug.collins@house.ga.gov; tim.bearden@house.ga.gov 


    For more click on www.KnifeRights.org.

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