AKTI Member Edward Weeren Wins Ontario Marine Bayonet


As reported Jan. 24, a member of the American Knife & Tool Institute won a USMC Marine bayonet by Ontario in a special AKTI drawing at the Ontario booth during the 2012 SHOT Show. AKTI member Ed Weeren wasn’t in attendance at the show, but was recently notified of his big win.

     Ed is the proud new owner of one of the first 200 OKC3s Marine Corps Bayonets, which is specially displayed and engraved with the AKTI logo and a quote from President Ronald Reagan  Ed also wins a stay in Western New York and private tour of the Ontario Cutlery facility.

     When responding to news of his win, Ed explained what being an AKTI member meant to him:

     “ I joined AKTI because of the respect I have for those who set it up and for the work AKTI is doing to allow citizens like me to continue to enjoy knives and to carry my pocketknives without fear of being arrested. I am an NRA Life Member and understand that each of us has to accept some responsibility and do what we can to help all of us continue the freedoms given to citizens when this country was founded. While I was not a Marine, I hold Marines in the greatest respect. I attended Texas A&M and received a commission in the U.S. Army in 1958. Keep up the good work you and your group are doing.”

    As a nonprofit association, AKTI’s role is to be the reasonable and responsible advocate for the knife-making and knife-using community, providing the focal point for sensible evolution, development, and the consistent enforcement of knife legislation.

For more information about the American Knife & Tool Institute, visit www.akti.org.

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