BLADE’s 2015 Knife Guide On Newsstands!

Check out new BLADE's Complete Knife Guide, on newsstands NOW!
New BLADE's Complete Knife Guide on newsstands NOW!
Check out new BLADE's Complete Knife Guide, on newsstands NOW!
New BLADE’s Complete Knife Guide on newsstands NOW!

BLADE’s Complete Knife Guide Spring 2015 is your knife bible for most every cutting need in the coming year and is on newsstands NOW!

In addition to providing you with the contact information for every factory knife, knife accessory and cutting need, the new BLADE’s Complete Knife Guide (BKG) keeps you in the loop for the latest industry trends, including the new wave of genticals that is flooding the cutlery landscape.

Sporting a name that combines the “gent’s” of “gent’s knife” and the “tactical” of “tactical knife,” “gentical” is a term christened by BLADE Magazine Cutlery Hall-Of-Fame© member Ken Onion. As you might guess, it’s a genre that exhibits the best traits of gent’s and tactical knives and it’s taking the knife industry by storm. Get the full story on this burgeoning trend on page 10 of the new BKG.

Want that special custom knife but are not exactly sure how to go about it, where to look or who to contact? In “7 Keys to Getting the Best Custom Knives,” Mike Haskew picks the brains of those who buy and sell the best custom knives for a living—custom knife purveyors/dealers. Read what the pros recommend on page 78.

Neck knives—aka neckers—are those handy little blades you can wear around your neck and are instantly accessible for whatever cutting job is at hand. Abe Elias takes you through some of today’s leading examples and also shows you other ways to wear them other than around your neck.

Are silky smooth folders at the top of your Christmas list? If so, join Stephen Garger as he explores a quartet of the top ones on both sides of the Atlantic in “4 Silky Smooth Folders.”

There’s much more in this issue, including the new knives for 2015, the hottest knives for law enforcement officers and EMTs, sharp knifemaking tool deals, top survival knives for under $75, the best-selling knife sharpeners by company and much more, all in the new BKG.

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