Bushcraft Knives Highlight New BLADE

The RB3, ESEE knife company's only bushcraft knife with a Scandi grind, is the cover for the latest BLADE®, on newsstands NOW!
The RB3, ESEE knife company’s only bushcraft knife with a Scandi grind, is the cover model for the latest BLADE®, on newsstands NOW!

Bushcraft is the art of surviving in the wild with the tools and materials you have at hand and/or can scrounge on the spot, and few if any of those tools are more important than man’s oldest—the knife. In his story in the latest issue of BLADE®—on newsstands NOW—author, knifemaker, knife designer and bushcraft instructor Abe Elias puts four hot new bushcraft blades through the paces as only a bushcraft specialist can. One of the knives includes this issue’s cover model, the ESEE RB3. See how it and three other fresh factory bushcraft knives handle and perform in “Bushcraft Blades Big and Small.”

Jess Horn was one of the preeminent makers of custom folding knives for decades, but many of today’s younger followers of the custom knife scene don’t know of him. He passed away largely unnoticed earlier this year. BLADE® remembers him in a special story on page 22. Find out more about a knifemaking legend that you may have never heard of.

BLADE field editor Dexter Ewing is BLADE‘s resident sharpening guru. Not only does he run his own sharpening service on the side he also tests and writes about the latest and coolest sharpeners on today’s market. Check out a quartet of the newest and/or lesser-well-known models in his story, “Sharpening Just Got Fun!”

Some knife companies are taking today’s sheaths to the next level, configuring them so they are easier to clean, store added items such as firestarters and survival whistles—and in at least one instance even make such gizmo-packed sheaths for their folding knives. Learn more about today’s new generation of sheaths in BLADE field editor Mike Haskew’s “Sheath Chic.”

There’s much more this issue, including BLADE bidding a fond farewell to long-time managing editor Joe Kertzman, field tests of two custom fixed blades and four factory machetes, a comparison of today’s tactical folders vs. their original renditions, the latest knives and knife accessories, mini-knifemaker profiles and much more, all in the latest issue of BLADE—on newsstands NOW!


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