Georgia Knife Preemption Bill Passes House—EMAIL & CALL THE GOVERNOR NOW!


Call or e-mail Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal today to encourage him to sign the Georgia Knife Preemption Bill passed by the state house and senate so you will not have to worry about inconsistent knife laws in Georgia when traveling to and from the BLADE Show ( While at the show, which will be June 8-10 at the Cobb Galleria just outside Atlanta, check out the ABS forging demo featuring ABS master smith Jay Hendrickson (standing, background) and ABS bladesmith Tim Carr (forging a blade to shape at the anvil).

Thanks to your calls and emails, the Georgia House of Representatives passed SB432, Knife Preemption Bill 124-46, Knife Rights (KR) reported. “Our heartfelt thanks to Senator Bill Heath and Representative David Knight for shepherding this bill through the legislature,” the KR release stated.

     However, it’s not quite over yet. Now the bill moves to Gov. Nathan Deal’s desk for his signature. Without his signature, the bill won’t become law.  Please use this form to contact Gov. Deal’s office and politely request that he sign SB432 (see instructions below):,2657,165937316_166563415,00.html 

     Then, please also call Gov. Deal at: 404-656-1776

     When you fill out the online form, DO NOT indicate you are representing an organization or group (unless you actually are an officer or representative acting in that capacity).

     Under “Please choose a category:” select “Legislation-State

     You can click the box “no response is needed” unless you need a form email response.

     In the message box, a sample message appears below.  You can personalize this message if you are so inclined. It does make a difference:

Dear Governor Deal,

    I am writing to respectfully request that you please sign SB432, which makes Georgia’s knife laws consistent throughout the state. Georgia is very important to knife collectors and manufacturers worldwide because it is home to the BLADE Show, the largest knife show and knife event in the world. The show represents millions of dollars and hundreds of jobs for Georgia. SB432 will ensure that BLADE Show attendees will not have to worry about inconsistent knife laws in Georgia when traveling to and from the BLADE Show.


    For more click on

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