Hank Rummell: He Will Be Missed


Long-time custom knife purveyor Herman “Hank” Rummell of New York Custom Knives (www.newyorkcustomknives.com), who was killed Jan. 29 in a tragic accident when he was struck by a car while walking his dog, is remembered fondly by those who knew him.

    “I considered Hank like a brother and our relationship grew over the years from customer/client to one of great friendship,” noted Irv Lehman, one of Hank’s many long-time customers. “He will be missed greatly and the knife shows will never be the same.”

    “Hank was at almost every single knife show I attended,  going all the way back to 1991,” knifemaker Phil Booth recalled. “I used to hang around to look at the quality knives he kept on his table until I was brave enough to ask to start picking them up and looking closely. Through the years, I showed him my most recent knives to see if they were getting better, and he would critique them and give me hints on how to better my work. Then the day came when he bought a Minnow [one of Booth’s knife models] and set it on his table! He sold that knife and many more. Had it not been for Hank’s watchful eye,  my knifemaking would not be where it is today.”

    According to Lehman, in lieu of flowers, Mrs. Helen Rummell requests that you make a donation to honor Hank to an animal rescue in your local area. “Helen and Hank were very much dedicated to their dogs and Hank lost his life in keeping his dog safe,” Lehman observed. “That was the ultimate sacrifice for the love of his dog and, knowing Hank, he would do it again.”

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