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Heft & Freestyle Form Define Hossom “Tanto”

Unusual? Yes, it would be no stretch to say that Jerry Hossom's "Vengeance Tanto" takes an unbeaten path from pointy tip to pointed pommel. But all along the way it's so groovalicious! Check out...
Tactical Knifemaking.

Knife Trends—Flipper Folders

Flipper folders are wildly popular. Aside from adding an interesting visual element to any knife, the flipper serves a few key roles, including as a one-hand opening device, and as a guard.

Innovative Knives

Congratulations to Michael Vagnino for winning the 2014 Wooden Sword award, given out to one custom knifemaker each year on page 7 of the KNIVES annual book.

Everybody Wing Chung Tonight (with Knives 2013 Wing Chung Swords)

Featured in the "Foray Into the Far East" Trends section of the Knives 2013 book are a pair of Richard Van Dijk "Wing Chung" Chinese martial arts butterfly swords. Rarely do you see knifemakers tackle...

Knives For Mother’s Day

I asked some industry professionals which of the knives in their respective company lines would make nice gifts for Mom on Mother's day, and here's what a few of them had to say.

Greatest Loveless Knife Designs

Here's a fun thread I'm starting today—regularly posting pictures of the greatest Bob Loveless knife patterns/designs. I plan to do this every other day or so until I have 15 or 20. My...

How To Build a Survival Shelter

Over 90 percent of wilderness deaths by mischance are caused by hypothermia. Knowing how to build an emergency shelter quickly can mean the difference between freezing to death and surviving.