Knife Rights Wins a Blade Magazine 2012 Industry Achievement Award


Knife Rights, one of America’s premier organizations defending the right to own and use knives and edged tools, was presented with one of two Blade Magazine 2012 Industry Achievement Awards® at the annual Blade Magazine Knife-Of-The-Year Awards Banquet at the BLADE Show in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Also receiving a Blade Magazine 2012 Industry Achievement Award was the American Knife & Tool Institute, also for its efforts in protecting Americans’ right to own, use and carry knives.

    Knife Rights was recognized for its “diligence in working to have pro-knife legislation passed in a number of states this year,” said BLADE® Magazine editor, Steve Shackleford. Managing Editor Joe Joe Kertzman noted, “the legislative offensive mounted… this year has been nothing short of historic.”


    The annual awards by BLADE Magazine at the BLADE Show are recognized as the pinnacle of achievement in the knife industry. The BLADE Show is the largest cutlery show in the world held every year in Atlanta. Georgia represented one of Knife Rights’ successes this year with Knife Law Preemption set to become law on July 1, protecting BLADE Show attendees from certain onerous restrictive knife regulations.

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    Doug Ritter, Knife Rights chairman, said, “Knife Rights is honored to be recognized for our achievements in defending knife owners’ rights. We sincerely appreciate the support from individuals and industry that has allowed us to make great strides this year. ”

    Knife Rights’ legislative successes this year to date include the Knife Law Preemption bill in Georgia, clarification of the switchblade law that legalized assisted-opening knives and the manufacture of assisted-opening and switchblade knives in Washington and the passage of a bill repealing Missouri’s switchblade ban, currently awaiting the governor’s signature.

    In addition, Knife Rights made real progress on bills in Alaska, Indiana and Kansas that passed by super majorities in one house of the legislature and which would have been on track to pass into law except for election year and redistricting politics. Knife Rights expects to be back in these states next year to finish the job. In addition, Knife Rights has switchblade ban repeal and preemption legislation pending in Pennsylvania, as well as efforts in additional states.

    Ritter said, “This is a long term effort. Our rights weren’t lost overnight and they won’t be restored overnight. Knife Rights is committed to passing pro-knife legislation in all 50 states.


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