Knives A Bright Spot in American Economy


The American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) shared data during its annual SHOT Show meeting regarding the U.S. knife industry and the significant economic impact it has, including jobs creation and the nation’s economy. 178480_10151866287449119_1468026836_o

Acting as a representative of knife manufacturers, distributors and retailers, as well as U.S. knife users, AKTI president Bill Raczkowski of Gerber Legendary Blades said, “Every knife and tool manufacturing and import or distribution company is a valued contributor to jobs, taxes and the economic viability in its city, county, state and region.”

Citing 2010 data collected as part of a survey by the AKTI, Raczkowski said the sporting knife and tool industry has a $4.844 billion economic impact on the U.S. economy. And over 60 manufacturing, import and distribution companies generate more than $807.4 million in gross revenue. Such revenue, of course, as well as taxes and wages paid to employees, contributes dollars to help keep America’s economy in recovery mode.

According to Raczkowski and the AKTI, knife manufacturers, importers and distributors employ 3,566 U.S. workers who hold good, stable jobs in an economy where every job is important, and millions of people are trying to find work. The industry, the AKTI says, generates 17,830 support jobs in supplier and ancillary industries. “That’s enough people to populate the entire city of Hannibal, Missouri, and serve thousands of visitors each year to keep Mark Twain’s spirit alive,” said AKTI executive director Jan Billeb.

To read more, visit the Resources section of the AKTI website under Knife User Data.

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