Spending a day with the Loveless-Parke drop point would be like spending a day in the park. What I love about this knife is that it is a drop-point hunter, but it has that high grind and skinner-like hump along the blade spine toward the tip. 

Only 36 knives bearing the Loveless-Parke logo were ever produced (Parke was an investor in Loveless’s knifemaking business for a short period of time.) This knife, made in 1967, is an example of that effort. It features a brass singe guard and stag handle with a hidden tang. And because I was born in 1967, it’s all that more sweet to me.

The knife photo is by Hiro Soga, the knife is from the John Denton collection, and it was featured in the book Knifemaking With Bob Loveless.

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