Michigan Bill Would Repeal Switchblade Ban


The American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) is urging all Michigan residents to contact their legislators about pending legislation that would repeal the state’s switchblade/automatic knife ban and reduce a state ban on fixed blades, an AKTI news release reported. 


    Passage of HB 5544 would add the Wolverine State to the growing number of states that do not outlaw automatics. It also would add Michigan to the states where AKTI has successfully helped eliminate or clarify terms that are not defined or are too confusing for consistent enforcement.


    Michigan Rep. Frank Foster explained, “HB 5544 provides clarity and simplicity for citizens of this state, visitors, especially those involved in the outdoor pursuits, as well as law enforcement, with respect to knives. It eliminates archaic terms, such as dirk and stiletto, and makes clear that a violation of the law occurs if a person with criminal intent carries any knife.”


    At the same time, he added, it would eliminate the 1950s-era bans on automatic knives and prevent the misapplication of the law to various designs which have emerged in the decades since.


    If passed, HB 5544 also would greatly restrict the existing ban on fixed blades. It would change Section 227 regarding “illegal fixed blades.” The terms “dirk” and “stiletto” would be removed. Double-edged, non-folding instruments would be illegal if carried concealed except if a person is in his own home, place of business or on property he owns, or is in transit between any of those locations. There is also an exemption if the double-edged, non-folding knife is carried for hunting, fishing, trapping or if used as a tool in the course of the person’s trade, occupation or hobby. All other fixed-blade prohibitions reportedly would be removed by the bill, too.


    For links to more information or how to find your legislator, visit www.AKTI.org.


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