$750,000 Worth of Custom Knives Stolen

$750,000 Worth of Custom Knives Stolen
Joe Rusnak's knife is one of 150 stolen from KnifePurveyor.com. (KnifePurveyor.com photo)

Approximately 150 custom knives valued at over three-quarters of a million dollars were stolen recently from KnifePurveyor.com, according to KnifePurveyor.com.

Knives valued at a quarter million dollars were stolen from KnifePurveyor.com. (KnifePurveyor.com photo)
This custom knife made by Josef Rusnak is one of about 150 that were stolen from KnifePurveyor.com. (SharpByCoop photo)

Michael Donato, owner of KnifePurveyor.com, said the knives were stolen from his luggage at the Raleigh-Durham International (RDU) Airport that serves the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina. He was returning from the East Coast Custom Knife Show held Feb. 28-March 2 in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Custom knives by some of the world’s best knifemakers were included in the luggage. For a complete list of them all, contact Donato at mdonato@knifepurveyor.com or call him at 646-872-0476.

According to Donato, his original flight after the show was cancelled. Meanwhile, as his luggage was stored at the airport, someone stole the pelican case containing the knives. He said the area where the knives were stolen had video surveillance and the authorities have footage of the theft and a picture of the suspect, which is being circulated. If you have any information concerning the theft, contact Donato or Detective Charles Shelton at 919-840-7556 or 919-702-2556 (cell).

“We have suffered a major blow,” Donato noted. “This theft occurred at RDU Airport when United Airlines left my transportation case of knives unattended at the baggage area. The crook simply walked off with the entire case.

“Several law enforcement agencies and the Collectible Insurance company are hot on the case. Due to the magnitude of this loss, my staff and I have our hands full with this investigation. Clients whose knives are involved in this loss have already been notified.”

Meanwhile, contrary to any rumors that may be circulating the knife industry, KnifePurveyor.com is not out of business as a result of the theft.

“It is my honor and pleasure to be part of the custom knife community,” Donato continued. “I look forward to fulfilling your future knife needs and would like to thank you for your continued friendship, patronage and support.”

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