Alaska Pro-Knife Bill Vote Today—Contact Now!


According to Knife Rights, the Alaska House will vote today on House Bill 33 which, if passed, would ensure one-hand and assisted-opening knives are not considered gravity or switchblade knives. If you live, work or travel in Alaska, please contact your representative(s) and ask them to vote in support of HB33.

Yesterday, Knife Rights Director of Legislative Affairs Todd Rathner testified at a hearing of the Alaska House Judiciary Committee on HB33 “Definitions of Gravity Knives and Switchblades,” referred to by primary sponsor Rep. Mark Neuman as the “Knife Rights Bill.”  The bill also includes Knife Rights’ requested Knife Law Preemption. HB33 advanced out of committee without dissent and now goes to the full House for a vote.

House Speaker Mike Chenault and Rep. Max Gruenberg co-sponsored HB33. The bill is nearly identical  to last year’s HB55, which was passed by the House but was not heard in the Senate. “With changes to the Senate after the 2012 election, we are anticipating better luck in affecting change in Alaska’s knife laws this time around,” Knife Rights reported.

Preemption ensures citizens can expect consistent enforcement of knife laws everywhere in a state. Preemption prevents the creation of or eliminates a patchwork of local ordinances and laws more restrictive than state law, which serves to confuse or entrap those traveling within or through the state.

When contacting the representative, all that is necessary is to simply ask him/her to vote in favor of HB33. Keep it short and to the point.

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