Ivory Protection Act Gains Support, Needs More

The Lawful Ivory Act needs your help!
Lawful protection ivory act would enable collectors to sell their Loveless ivory knives if they so desire. If the federal government has its way, such sales will be illegal.

The Lawful Ivory Protection Act (HR 5052) is gaining bipartisan support in the House of Representatives but needs your help to protect the legal ivory items and investments of honest American citizens everywhere.

Imagine buying an iconic Bob Loveless ivory handle knife made decades ago for $10,000—in many cases, such a knife goes for much more—and not being able to resell it for your child’s college tuition, your retirement or what have you. That’s just an example of what the current federal initiative to ban ivory would do, unless it is stopped via the Lawful Ivory Protection Act.

According to the Elephant Protection Association, the act now has the support of 20 members of the House, including 15 Republicans and five Democrats. They include: Rep. Jeff Miller (FL); Rep. Nick Rahall (WV); Rep. Kenny Marchant (TX); Rep. Collin Peterson (MN); Rep. Michael C. Burgess (TX); Rep. Bob Gibbs (OH); Rep. Matt Salmon (AZ); Rep. John Barrow (GA); Rep. Alan Nunnelee (MS); Rep. Vance McAllister (LA); Rep. Jim Matheson (UT); Rep. Michael Simpson (ID); Rep. Lamar Smith (TX); Rep. Thomas Rooney (FL); Rep. Richard Hudson (NC); Rep. Bradley Byrne (AL); Rep. Paul Broun (GA); Rep. Pete Gallego (TX); Rep. Sam Johnson (TX); and Rep. Pete Sessions (TX).

If you don’t see your representatives on the above list, call/contact them. One way to help persuade them to co-sponsor the Lawful Protection Ivory Act is to send them a “Dear Colleague Letter,” an example of which is at http://elephantprotection.us8.list-manage.com/track/click?u=dda9c7b47b985ac6242f68cd0&id=8be4608dca&e=37f8db1ffe It provides the contact info your representative needs to co-sponsor the bill. Send it to your representative and ask him/her to be a co-sponsor. Also, with many representatives taking a summer break, now is a great time to visit their offices to ask for their support.

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Also, ask whichever collector or business association to which you belong to post a statement on its website supporting the Lawful Ivory Protection Act/HR 5052 and the related Senate bill, S.2587. If they do, contact Rob Mitchell of the Elephant Protection Association so he can share that support information with the co-sponsors so they can in turn share it with their colleagues.


To find out the names of your representatives, visit http://www.opencongress.org/people/zipcodelookup

The Lawful Ivory Act needs your help!
The Lawful Protection Ivory act would enable collectors to sell their ivory knives made decades ago by such iconic cutlers as BLADE Magazine Cutlery Hall-Of-Fame© member Bob Loveless (above) if they so desire. If the federal government has its way, such sales will be illegal.

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