Hottest Knives of the Hottest Summer

BLADE®'s knives of summer.
The knives of summer are here—and BLADE®'s got 'em!

The hottest knives of the hottest summer are here—and nobody covers them like the latest issue of BLADE®, on newsstands NOW!

BLADE®'s knives of summer.
The hottest knives of the hottest summer are here—and BLADE®’s got ’em!

It’s summer vacation time and you need to know which knives to take—and not to take—whether you’re hitting the beach, camping, traveling overseas or what have you. Daniel Jackson shows you the way in “National Knife Vacation.”

Speaking of camp knives, BLADE field editor Kim Breed tests two bodacious fixed blades of 5160 carbon steel by Little Bear Forge and Owens Weaponsmithing in “Spec Sheet.” And if you’re looking for folders with blades and tools for most any need, check out Dave Rhea’s “Multi-Bladed Freaks.”

Time was tomahawks and little axes—such as the Kershaw Tinder cover axe—were for small chopping chores like splitting kindling. They can still do those tasks but they also do much more, including prying, nail lifting, firestarting, opening bottles, tightening/loosening nuts and bolts, and much more. Get schooled on the changing face of these fascinating tools in “Hack to the Future!”

The United States has been the world leader in knives for many years now, not only because of such old school names as Case and Ontario but also due to such relatively newer companies as TOPS Knives and the baby of the four, Hogue Knives. See why the state of red, white and blue edges was never keener in Stephen Garger’s “Blades In The USA.”

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Daniel Winkler has made period pieces used in such movies as the early ’90s classic The Last of the Mohicans clear to the tactical knives used in today’s Zero Dark Thirty. Through it all he’s transitioned from being a traditional bladesmith to, with partner Karen Shook, running the production operation of Winkler II Knives. You might say Winkler has reinvented himself and his business. Find out more in “The Knifemaker With Two Brains.”

BLADE covered the factory side of warranties in the August issue but what about the custom side of the ledger? BLADE field editor Ed Fowler has forged knives for decades and knows a thing or two about custom warranties. Consider his thoughts on the matter in “A Matter of Trust and Ethics.”

There’s much more—all in the new BLADE.

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