Lawful Ivory Protection Act Needs Your Help!

Will you help stop domestic ivory ban?
The Lawful Ivory Protection Act designed to save the elephant and stop the domestic ivory ban is off to a good start but still needs your support. (Bill Simmermacher photo)

Designed to both protect African elephants and stop making criminals of innocent citizens who sell legal ivory, the Lawful Ivory Protection Act is making headway in both the House and Senate and needs your help—especially in the Senate.

“The House Interior Appropriations bill that will essentially not allow funds—your tax dollars and mine—to be used to enforce the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service changes to the ivory laws has passed the first hurdle,” noted Sandra Brady, scrimshander and member of the Elephant Protection Association. “It made it through Appropriations and is now on to the full House for a vote.” It is unknown when that vote will be.

“Next, H.R. 5052 is getting increased support but the Senate bill, S. 2587, isn’t, so call your senators!” Brady emphasized.

Both bills have the official name of the Lawful Ivory Protection Act of 2014 and are in dire need of your support. Please contact your elected officials on the federal level and urge them to support these bills, both of which are designed to protect elephants and prevent legal ivory from being banned from sale domestically.

“It is critical that you call your senators and representatives and ask them to co-sponsor S. 2587 and H.R. 5052,” stressed Rob Mitchell of the Elephant Protection Association. “Getting your legislators to so-sponsor these bills accomplishes two goals: It brings these bills closer to a vote in their respective chambers, and it shows support for the Appropriations measure that ultimately needs to pass both the House and the Senate. If you want to save elephants and stop the domestic ivory ban, this is the most effective way to do it.

“Our goal is to get as many co-sponsors as possible before Congress breaks for August.”

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