Medal Of Honor Recipients Lead Veterans Day Event

Look for BLADE's annual military issue on newsstands today!
BLADE's annual military issue hits newsstands today!
Medal Of Honor recipients lead Veterans Day ceremony.
Medal Of Honor recipients Sammy Davis (left) and Harold Fritz (right) will lead a special Case/Zippo Veterans Day ceremony today at 3 p.m.

In recognition of Veterans Day, Case, Zippo and two Medal Of Honor recipients will install an exclusive Medal Of Honor commemorative knife and lighter set in the Zippo/Case Museum today in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

Medal Of Honor awardees Sammy Davis and Harold Fritz, both of whom received the country’s most prestigious military honor for their gallant actions during the Vietnam War, will lead the ceremonies, which begin today at 3 p.m. Others who will help lead the ceremonies will be Greg Booth, Zippo/CASE CEO, and George Duke, owner and chairman of the board for Zippo/Case.

The Case trapper features a red, white and blue themed bone handle, intricately laser-engraved with images of an American eagle, American flag and a reproduction of the Medal Of Honor Society seal. The Zippo lighter features a high-polish chrome Armor case with deep dimensional engraving, a 24k-gold repro of the MOH seal and a heavy gold-plated inside unit.

Sometimes known as the “real” Forrest Gump because his heroic acts and MOH citation were the basis for Gump’s Vietnam story, Davis was able to hold off an overwhelming force of Vietcong long enough to tend to three wounded GIs on the other side of the river from his original position. He couldn’t swim so he paddled across the river on an air mattress, and other GIs followed him. He gave all the wounded soldiers morphine and provided cover fire before returning to the fight, where he was wounded. He carried a Case pocketknife throughout his tour of duty.

Fritz led a point-blank charge on a North Vietnamese position in Quan Loi and was hit several times by shrapnel and small arms fire. He later returned to the battlefield to find his Zippo lighter, a present from his wife, that had been in his left breast pocket and stopped a bullet, saving his life.

For more on today’s ceremonies, contact Amanda Kleps at [email protected] or call 814-368-2992.

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