Salute America’s Family of Veterans

Thanks the veterans you know on Veterans Day.
Celebrate your family's veterans—and all veterans—on Veterans Day. The author's dad served on the USS Cimarron during World War II. The author's mom is at left.

Many American families have their share of veterans. In fact, you could say America is one big family of veterans. With that in mind, today is Veterans Day, the day to thank all the veterans you know—those in your family and those everywhere—for keeping America safe.

My Grandfather Frank was in the Army and drove an ambulance in Europe during World War I. My dad was in the Navy during World War II and served as a radar man on the USS Cimarron, an oiler that serviced many of its sister ships in the Pacific Theater. He never talked much about the war but I know he enjoyed his time and the friends he made while in the service. He and Mom were married in 1942 and she supported him throughout the conflict. She gets a lot of credit, too.

Dad’s brother, my Uncle Jack, also served in the Navy during the war, as did my great Uncle Grady. He was in the Army Air Corps. My Uncle Joe served on the USS Hancock, an aircraft carrier, in the 1950s. I served in the Navy during the Vietnam War era and was stationed at Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico, and Little Creek, Virginia. My service helped me grow from a peach-fuzz-faced kid into a young man, and also provided me with the money from the G.I. Bill to get my college degree.

I am but one of many to come from such families. How about you? Did you serve, or did anyone in your family? Tell us about your experiences or those of your family members who served—where they served, the years, etc.

Meanwhile, of course, let’s not forget all those brave souls who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Without them, none of us would be living in this great nation and enjoying the freedoms we do. Maybe there are better countries to live in, but not for me. I’ll take this one.

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Thanks the veterans you know on Veterans Day.
Celebrate your family’s veterans—and all veterans—on Veterans Day. The author’s dad served on the USS Cimarron during World War II. The author’s mom is at left.

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