Knife Gift Idea Of The Month

Knife Gift Idea Of The Month
Our knife gift idea of the month: Assemble a turkey carving set for that special someone with a kit from Jantz Supply. (Jantz photo)
A great knife gift idea is to assemble a knife for that special someone, and with Thanksgiving near, what better gift than a carving set from Jantz? (Jantz photo)
Our knife gift idea of the month: Assemble a turkey carving set for that special someone with a kit from Jantz Supply. (Jantz photo)

Our knife gift idea of the month is just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Have you ever thought about assembling a knife from one of the many kits available on today’s market and offering it to someone special in your life? There are any number of kits, some below $50, that offer all the materials you need to assemble a knife.


With Thanksgiving just around the bend, why not assemble a Jantz ( carving set to carve the turkey? The Jantz SS807 set features a carving knife and carving fork. The kit contains blade and fork blanks, rosewood Dymondwood handle materials, 5/16-inch brass cutlery rivets and assembly instructions. MSRP: $23.95. Or, you can go whole hog and assemble an entire Early American cutlery set that includes cook’s, carver, boner, paring and four steak blades, rivets and walnut Dymondwood handle material, all for only $64.95.


At there is a selection of kits that includes assisted openers, damascus folders, hunters, bowies, balisongs and tactical knives featuring all the parts you need for assembly via common tools found around most households.


Jantz also offers a range of kits that include mini and standard-size folders. The handles are profiled, drilled and countersunk for proper fit and come in a selection of materials. Looking for fixed-blade kits? Jantz has them in its Outdoorsman Series, which includes non-glare bead-blasted blade blanks. The kits are perfect for the beginner, can be completed in a few hours and the results look and perform great for hunting and camping. Blade shapes include skinners and there’s even a hatchet. The kits range from $24.95 to $29.95 and the completed sheaths range from $12.95 to $14.50.


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