CRKT Facet Rivet And Viral Add Premium Options To The Line

CRKT Facet Rivet And Viral Add Premium Options To The Line
(Top) CRKT Facet Viral, (bottom) CRKT Facet Rivet

Adding a premium option to the Ken Onion designed line, CRKT unveils the Facet Rivet and Facet Viral.

If you’re into knives (you most likely are, as you’re reading this), you’re familiar with the name Ken Onion. The famed knifemaker has turned out his fair share of must-have blades over the years, with many collectors and aficionados bating breath for his next drop. Well, it’s here and it’s awful dang familiar.

Shake hands with the Facet Rivet and Facet Viral. Yes, they’re the same Facet knives fans have known and loved since its release a year ago, but dolled up plenty nice to make them legitimate premium options in the line. In fact, the duo of top-shelf-edition CRKTs both have some alluring attributes likely to get customers to pony up the relatively steep asking price of $275. Not the least of which is the player behind the scenes making the Rivet and Facet a reality—Lion Steel.

CRKT Facet Blade Material

The Maniago, Italy concern is the manufacturer of the knives, which brings not only one of the more respected manufacturers in the game but also a host of top-shelf materials. Where this shows itself in the M390 steel used for the Facets’ modified drop-point blade. Commonly used by Lion Steel and other manufacturers in the region, the super steel (Austrian in origin) is noted for its impressive edge retention compared to tool steel, as well as its superior corrosion resistance.

CRKT Facet Blade

Impressive choice, particularly given the Facet certainly has the lines of a more gentlemanly EDC knife but should prove capable against more demanding tasks. Adding to its expected robust use is generous jimping on the knives’ spines, giving a solid purchase on them when more vigorously used.

Facet Handle Material

The handle scales on both the Rivet and Viral are titanium, but not some muted finish common to the material. Each is ornately decorated—the Rivet with a World War II-themed plate and rivet motif, common to the era’s military equipment. The Viral is more futuristic—CRKT says “apocalyptic”—stylings meant to conjure up an end-of-days zombie flick feel.

Away from the aesthetics, the titanium makes the knives fairly light affairs, each tipping the scale at around 3 ounces. For reference, the original Facet weighed 3.9 ounces, so this is creeping up on 1 full ounce of weight savings. The handle has a gradual tapper as well, fitting it well to most hands and allowing for a strong grip on the knife.

Action & Lock

The Facet remains a liner lock in its premium guises, and the flipper maintains its smooth and quick deployment thanks to its IKBS bearings. The flipper itself is somewhat understated, but nonetheless very functional, enhanced with a fair bit of aggressive jumping.

CRKT Facet Rivet Folded

Final Cut

The CRKT Facet Rivet and Facet Viral are both currently available, but interested parties must act quickly. CRKT is limiting each to 500 units for the launch. And 50 lucky customers will receive a heavy-duty commemorative coin, which CRKT is placing in random boxes.

Facet Rivet & Viral Specs
Blade Length: 3.50″ (88.87 mm)
Overall Length: 7.75” (196.85 mm)
Edge: Plain
Steel: Bohler M390
Finish: Satin
Thickness: .12” (3.12mm)
Grind: Flat
Weight: 3.0 oz. (85.05 g)
Handle: Titanium
HRC: 59-61
Style: Folding Knife w/ Liner Lock
Retail Price: $275

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