Finding The Best Spearpoint Blade Knife

Finding The Best Spearpoint Blade Knife

There’s a reason why spearpoint blade knives are common as bluegrass.

Spearpoint blades are very common blade shape that is used primarily with folding knives but also found on some varieties of fixed blades. This blade shape can either be long and slender or short and on the fat side. 

What defines a spearpoint blade is the upsweep that forms the belly of the cutting edge and the equidistant spine that meet at the centerline of the blade’s width. Much as its name suggests, the profile mimics the shape of a spear.

Spearpoint Blade Uses

The spearpoint blade is a handy profile, as it’s very adaptable to any cutting task at hand. There’s enough blade belly present to do slicing work and enough of a point to do scoring and piercing tasks.  

Common Spearpoint Blade Knives

Along with the standard single grind spearpoint blade shape, there are a couple of variants of such that you might also be familiar with as well.

Dagger: The dagger is a popular option in fixed-blade tactical knives and are commonly spearpoint blades. The big difference between it and the more common spearpoints, daggers have a double grind. These begin at the centerline of the blade and taper down to the cutting edge, forming two cutting edges instead of just one.

The dagger’s design lends it to penetrating tasks, as well as giving it a certain sexiness due to its symmetry. However, laws are very restrictive when it comes to dagger blades. Additionally, the dagger is not well suited for working tasks due to the relative fragileness of the blade shape thanks to its grinds.

Pen Blade: These are commonly found as a smaller secondary blade on many multi-blade slip joint folding pocketknives. The pen blade is good for just general, mundane cutting tasks like opening mail and packages, or light-duty scraping.  

Pedestrian as the role may seem, these spearpoints see a lot of action in day-to-day tasks. It’s safe to say, the world’s fingernails would likely prove much dirtier without this little workhorse.

Spearpoint Blade Knife Buyer’s Guide

We’ve gone through the effort to compile a listing of some of the more popular spearpoint knives on the market. These knives have the spearpoint shape as the primary blade. But please keep in mind that there are more than just these, as the profile is among the most popular in use today. Furthermore, keep an eye open and be sure to do your research carefully to select the best knife to fit both your needs and budget.  


Condor Tool & Knife CTK247 Kephart

Spear Point Blade Condor Kephart

Designed by noted survival expert Joe Flowers, the Kephart is a good general-use survival knife that is ready to tackle the chores on your camping or hiking trip. The 4 ½-inch long blade is made of 1075 carbon steel for low cost and easy resharpening out in the field and sports a flat grind for cutting efficiency. The handle is made of walnut and features a rounded profile for easy use. Condor uses rivets in the tang to prevent the handle from loosening even under very hard use. Made in El Salvador, the Kephart comes with a sewn leather belt sheath to round out the package.  

MSRP: $72, Made In El Salvador


Spear Point Esse Laser Strike

The Laser Strike has a 5-inch blade ground from 1095 carbon steel and sports an ultra-tough black epoxy coating. The coating is a nice extra, protecting the steel from the elements, as well as furnishing a nice low profile with no reflective appearance. A series of traction notches are cut into the blade spine at the thumb rest area, providing a nonslip resting place for your thumb or index finger for extra pressure and more control or power. The handle scales are green canvas micarta, which does an excellent job of being a dimensionally stable and providing a great grip quality. A thoughtful feature, a finger choil at the tang for when you need to choke up on the blade for extra control. Each Laser Strike comes with a form-fitting Kydex belt sheath for easy portability in all conditions.

MSRP: $200, Made In The USA


Spear Point Blade Tops CAT

With its skeletonized structure, the TOPS Covert Antiterrorism (CAT) is an easy-to-carry, medium-sized, heavy-use fixed blade. Its 3 ¼-inch blade is made from 1095 carbon steel and boasts a flat grind. A pronounced thumb rest allows for more pressure and control while not allowing any slippage at all. The skeletonized handle is outfitted with multiple finger grooves that help seat your hand securely. Multiple oblong cutouts reduce the overall weight further. With an overall length of 7 ¼ inches, the CAT is carried via a multi-carry Kydex sheath so you have the knife with you at all times. This knife here can withstand some hard use for its size.

MSRP: $130, Made In The USA



Australia’s Halfbreed Blades offers up its Medium Clearance MCK-01 model as both a tool and a backup weapon. The blade is beautifully constructed out of Austrian-origin Bohler K110 tool steel that is similar in performance to D2. The blade appears to be a double edge, but in reality, it is only a single, however, it has a more aggressive dagger grind to it. At 4 ½-inches long, the blade is a good size for carry as well as getting your cutting tasks done in short order. 

A pronounced guard keeps your hand from sliding up onto the blade. To protect the blade from the elements, a flat dark earth Teflon coating is applied. As a bonus, this also allows easy clean up. The handle is G-10 and sports a milled texturing pattern which works well with both bare and gloves hands. The extended blade tang at the rear of the handle can be used as a glass breaker as well as a blunt strike option as well. The MCK-01 comes with a Kydex sheath that is both belt and MOLLE-compatible attachment.

MSRP: $240, Made In Australia



An extension of CRKT’s wildly popular Minimalist fixed blades, the spearpoint iteration is the more general use profile of the line. Starting with the 2.1-inch blade, it is ground from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel for enhanced edge retention. As an added visual touch, there is a fuller (blood groove) cut into the blade. Typically, this is something found on larger knives. The handle sports a series of deep finger grooves that help to seat the Minimalist Spearpoint in your hand safely. The handle material is “resin-infused fiber” which sounds a lot like micarta and even feels similar. Whatever it is, it does a great job of providing traction. Each Minimalist comes with a molded ABS plastic sheath for ease of carry. The sheath can be worn either on the belt or set up for neck knife carry with the included ball chain necklace. So the carry options here are really good!

MSRP: $50, Made In China




Everybody loves a Swiss Army Knife! The Victorinox brand has a zillion configurations and sizes of this popular multiblade multitool knife. It has a universal appeal that extends way beyond the knife enthusiast. The Pioneer X model is a popular model amongst the Alox (aluminum handle) options. Essentially, the company took its long-standing Pioneer Alox and inserted a pair of scissors, hence the “X”. The Pioneer X has a 2 ½-inch long spearpoint stainless blade, an awl, a combination flathead screwdriver and bottle cap opener, a can opener, and the aforementioned scissors. The checkered textured Alox handle is available in standard silver Alox, and colored versions may be purchased at various Victorinox dealers as exclusives to those outfits. One of the reasons why Alox models prove poplar is they feel very solid and the checkered aluminum has a nice hand traction.

The overall quality of manufacture for the Pioneer X is perfect. The blades and tools have a nice polished finish which not only looks good but also makes them easier to clean up. The spearpoint blade on this one is a real cutter. The full flat grind tapers the cross section down to a precise thin edge. One thing about all Swiss Army Knives is that they are easily sharpened. The scissors are simply the best small scissors I have used on any pocketknife. This is just a very handy pocketknife and you will find that it will go with you wherever you go, quite easily. Boasting an excellent price, it is not only quite handy but affordable as well. Plus, you can guaranteed every Victorinox comes perfect from the factory. Don’t be afraid to purchase sight unseen with confidence.  

MSRP: $69, Made In Switzerland



Kershaw Knives’ highly successful Launch series of USA-made automatic opening knives have been a great success. The cutting-edge automatics are made with premium materials, but come in at a comfortable price. The 7500BLK Launch 4 is the smallest of the line, with a California-friendly 1.9-inch blade. CPM154 stainless steel is used for the blade, offering enhanced edge retention and corrosion resistance. It is the particle steel equivalent of 154CM, which is used widely in the cutlery industry and lower-tier premium steel. The blade sports a DLC black coating for the ultimate in corrosion resistance and low reflectivity. The handle is machined from T6 6061 aluminum alloy for light weight and strength. It is anodized black and features matching black hardware. A steel pocket clip carries the Launch 4 in the tip-up configuration in the pocket. With an overall length of a bit over 5 inches, this compact cutter carries easily and also doubles as a money clip. Pressing on the lock button causes the blade to rocket out of the handle, snapping open with authority. The same button serves as the blade’s lock release from the open position. The Launch 4 is a fun little automatic opener that proves a great value.  

MSRP: $165, Made In The USA



Bob Dozier is a respected name in the knife industry. He is an accomplished custom knifemaker whose creations are aimed at the outdoor market with hunters and campers in mind. He has partnered with Kabar Knives to produce his Folding Hunter design. The 3-inch blade is ground from AUS-8 stainless steel and features a hollow grind. A single thumb stud allows you to deploy the blade quickly and easily. The handle is molded from lightweight Zytel to keep the overall weight of the knife to a minimum (2.2 oz) for comfortable carry.  A pocket clip carries the Folding Hunter tip up and can be swapped to the opposite side of the handle for lefties. Don’t let the name fool you, this knife excels at daily carry, for those who relish the bang-for-the-buck factor. Made in Taiwan, it is one of the best values for a custom-designed folding hunter. The Kabar Bob Dozier Folding Hunter comes in an array of handle colors to suit your preference.  

MSRP: $35, Made In Taiwan



The Mini Sheepdog is a downsized version of Emerson Knives’ Sheepdog flipper folder. Featuring a 3-inch long spearpoint blade, its 154CM stainless steel is the material of choice for going the distance with work tasks. The blade incorporates three methods of opening: a thumb disk, Emerson’s Wave Remote Pocket Opener, and a flipper. The blade has two options for finishes—satin-finished or black-coated. The blade rides on bearings for the ultimate smoothness in blade action. The handle is ergonomically shaped to seat the hand comfortably. The expanded sections on the front and back of the handle help prevent forward and rearward sliding. Textured black G-10 composite provides a non-slip grip.  There is a pocket clip that carries the Mini Sheepdog in the tip-up configuration in the pocket. Emerson Knives is a trusted leader in the production of tactical knives.  

MSRP: $240, Made In The USA


Spear Point Blade HOGUE X5

Designed by custom knifemaker Allen Elishewitz, the X5 represents the latest in tactical folder technology. It does so by offering a flipper opening, button lock in a premium handle and excellent blade materials. The X5 is offered in two blade styles and two sizes within. There is a modified Wharncliffe and a spearpoint, in both 3 ½-inch and 4-inch blade lengths. CPM154 stainless steel is the material of choice for the blade, offering enhanced edge retention. The spearpoint features a harpoon-style swedge, adding an aggressive stylistic note to the appearance. And the high flat grind of the blade bevels make the X5 spearpoint a cutting machine. The handle is highly ergonomic, incorporating chamfers, a prominent finger groove, and an integrated handle spacer for ultimate strength. The X5 comes in your choice of several hard anodized handle finishes: black, OD green, blue, and tan. Certain models also feature textured G-10 inlay for grip enhancement and a styling note. A button lock secures the blade solidly in the open position and also is easy to release and close the blade one-handed. Each X5 comes with a steel deep carry pocket clip—tip up—and an extra clip for lefties.

MSRP: $210, Made In The USA.  

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