Outdoor Edge Pivot: Light, Nimble And Affordable

Outdoor Edge Pivot: Light, Nimble And Affordable

Oh, the Outdoor Edge Pivot is a budget option, but not one without its charms.

Traditionally outdoor focused—hence the name—Outdoor Edge has crept into other knife niches. Perhaps it’s a directive from the powers on high at Revo Brand Group (think Real Avid), who acquired the knife company in 2022. Or perhaps it’s because you can only make so many gut hooks and replaceable-blade caping knives. In either case, the company has come out with some intriguing EDC designs that are definitely budget options, but ones that get the job done.

Its most recent unveiling is the lightweight, skeletonized handled Pivot. For most knife enthusiasts, it’s difficult not to like what Outdoor Edge has offered up in the redesign of the company’s Le Hawk and Le Duck knives —particularly its price. A cool $30 ($29.99) puts the fixed blade on your beltline, giving you an edged tool you can treat like a rented mule and not shed any tears if a rough task delivers a coup de gras. Everybody needs one of those to pry away at rusty latches and strip spools of copper wire.

Pivot’s Steel

Outdoor Edge Pivot drop point

Constructed from 8Cr13Mov stainless steel, the knife was likely birthed in China—it’s one of the country’s budget stainless options. While inexpensive, the steel generally acquits itself well in wear and corrosion resistance but maybe doesn’t earn top honors in hardness (57 HRC) and edge retention. Though, 8Cr13Mov is known to be pretty forgiving in sharpening, so its edge is quickly regained. Outdoor Edge gives the Pivot’s blade an extra barrier to environmental factors with what it calls its Blackstone Coating, which also gives the knife a dark appeal.

Blade Profiles

The company offers two blade styles on the model, a drop-point and Wharncliffe both virtually the same length. The drop-point measures in at 2.5 inches, and the Wharncliffe is another .1-inch longer. In either case, married to a roughly 4-inch handle, the blade should prove fairly nimble and quite deft at most everyday tasks around the home, ranch or worksite. As mentioned, the handle is skeletonized, which cuts the Pivot’s weight down to a svelte 3.2 ounces. And Outdoor Edge applies a rubberized coat to it, giving the knife a fairly positive grip even if wet.

Where Exactly Does It Pivot?

Outdoor Edge Pivot sheath

Now we get to the name of the knife—the Pivot—which seem much more apt for a folder than a fixed blade. But there’s a method in Outdoor Edge’s madness, with it referring to the carrying system. The polypropylene sheath comes with a quick-release locking latch and a removable 360-degree rotating clip (there’s the pivot point) for easy attachment to a belt or MOLLE webbing. It’s a nice system, allowing the user to adjust the cant to their carry style, putting the blade at quick access no matter where it’s carried.

Most would agree the Outdoor Edge Pivot isn’t the Superman of EDC knives, nor the one somebody pulls out for bragging rights. But for a blade to use and abuse on your day’s dirtiest jobs, well it pretty well fits the bill.

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