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micarta handle

Micarta: A Do-Everything Handle Material

Micarta is one of many materials used for blade handles. Used for more than a century, Micarta continues to be incredibly popular.
kitchen sport knives

3 Sporty Kitchen Knives To Use In The Field

Knives are becoming more multidimensional every year. These sporty kitchen knives are ready for the cutting board or the campsite.
du hoc

Best Karambits: Ferocious Southeast Asian Fighters

The karambit is a historic fighting and utility knife from Asia that has grown in popularity around the world in recent decades.

Shop Dump: Salem Straub & Andreas Kalani

A pair of gifted knifemakers show off the tools they use to turn raw steel into razor-sharp works of art.
boker gnome

First Look: Boker Gnome

The Boker Gnome is a fun little fixed blade that's an excellent neck knife and can serve you well as an EDC.
Veronique Laurent

Veronique Laurent Is Winning In A Man’s World

Veronique Laurent has become one of the most accomplished smiths in the world even after fighting against prejudice in her native Belgium.
knife sets

Budget To Bang Combos: A Trio Of Great Hunting Knife Sets

When hunting, one knife is good but more knives are better. These knife sets can help make the hunt easier no matter the size of the kill.

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