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New crkt redemption

New Knives: From Tactical To Outdoor Blades

These babies are jaw droppers…
Case CT1

Case Knives: Bevy Of New Knife Drops For The New Year

Case Knives is celebrating its 135th year with some top-notch new knives.
Battle Blade by Kim Breed

Breed’s Battle Blade Review: Author Puts His Knife To The Test

The author takes his Battle Blade to the next test level and up.
Ray Rybar's Prospector handle

Cool Custom: Ray Rybar’s Prospector Push Dagger Strikes It Rich

Sourced from Geronimo country Rybar's Prospector dagger and bolo combo prove pure gold.
Chris Hamelin: Saratoga Hunter

New Knives: Hunting Knives And Outdoor Blades

Hunting and outdoor endeavors, these blades are a cut above the rest.
According to Bruce Voyles, when Al Buck made the Buck 110 in the mid-1960s, nothing else looked quite like it.

Best Buck Knife: What Are The Company’s All-Time Classics

Buck Knives is among the most historic manufacturers in the county. We attempt to pick the best knives it has ever created.

Montana Knife Co.’s Marshall Review: Big Sky Bush Blade

Josh Smith’s new knife company tackles the wild with bushcrafter Marshall Knife.
Michael Presnell’s utility hunter

Presnell Utility Hunter Review: The Ultimate Field Companion?

The author gets to test one of his favorite classic knife styles.
Mark Josef Knives Sujihiki

New Knives: Must-Have Production And Custom Blades

From kitchen to camp and beyond, these puppies will perform.
Derick Kemper's Scottish Dirk

Cool Custom: Derick Kemper’s Scottish Dirk

A bonnie blade to be sure, Kemper makes a statement with his Scottish dirk.
Four tactical knives

Tactical Fixed Blade Knife Buyer’s Guide

Fit for service, these tactical fixed blade knives have what it takes to tackle any task set before them.
Tactical Knife Lead

Tactical Knives That Pass The Test

We put production tactical knives to the test to see which ones come out as best in class.
Camp Knife Lead Photo

Best Camp Knives: Outdoors Do-Alls

From batoning firewood to prepping dinner, these are the blades that will help you conquer the wild.
Large Work Knife beauty shot

KG Handcrafted Bladeware Large Work Knife: This Chisel Doesn’t Fizzle

Large Work Knife proves a sharp fixed blade that's more than up to the most daunting tasks.
Karambit Tops

Best Karambits: Top Ferocious Southeast Asian Fighters (2023)

The karambit is a historic fighting and utility knife from Asia that has grown in popularity around the world in recent decades.

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