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First Look: Dawson Chief

When it comes to beautiful custom knives, few are doing it as well as Dawson Knives. This new fixed blade shows everything the maker can do.

First Look: Condor Buccaneer Sword

Sometimes you want a blade that's fun and exciting even if it isn't an EDC. The Buccaneer Sword from Condor is all about having a good time.

Trench Knife: The WW1 Relic Still Endures

With more than a century of history, the tench knife soldiers on as a historical collectible and a modern outdoor knife.

Best M9 Bayonet Options For The Civilian Enthusiast

On a rifle or in close quarters, the M9 Bayonet has kept its edge for nearly 30 years.

Bowie Beauties: Three Quality Factory Bowie Knives

The bowie is a beloved, historic knife that continues to inspire makers today. This trio of factory bowies stands out.

BLADE Show West Custom Knife Awards

Awards were given out in nine different custom knife categories including Best In Show at BLADE Show West in Salt Lake City.

Bad And Beautiful

Few patterns are as stunning and audacious as daggers and fighters. These four from makers around the world show what elite craftsmen are creating today.

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