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Military Knives Mount Rushmore 013 SOGb

Military Knives: Soldiers’ EDC From The Past 50 Years

Stepping away from standard issues, combat veterans recount the off-beat military knives they used day-to-day during their service.
Copper-go-mai damascus

BLADE Magazine 50th Anniversary: Knife Industry Milestones

Revel in a short list of knife industry milestones that transformed the knife world.
The author up close and personal with an X-Rhea Knife forged red hot.

Mastersmith Lin Rhea Honored As Arkansas Living Treasure

Master bladesmith Lin Rhea was recently recognized as an Arkansas Living Treasure by the Arkansas Arts Council.

The Cutlass: From The Sea To The Screen

The cutlass is a short sword used for centuries. Today, it's mostly a ceremonial blade, but one that continues to inspire.
Guardian Tactical

Fast And Furious: Our Top Picks for the Best OTF Knives On The Market

Despite a rocky history of legality, OTF Knives have endured and are some of the most popular pocketknives on the market today.

Bayonets: An Iconic, Historic Blade

Few blades are as historic as the bayonet. The knife has evolved into an all-rounder still issued by the Marines.
Known simply as Bowie No. 1, this early 19th-century knife is attributed to the style of James Black. Some believe Black made one or more knives for Jim Bowie.

American Knives: Legendary Designs From The Land Of The Free

Are these the best American knives? Maybe, maybe not. One thing is for sure, these are some of the blades folk most associated most...

Antique Switchblades: World War II And Beyond

Harking back to American military glory and post-war prosperity, antique switchblades from the 1940s and 1950 have enduring appeal.

4 Best Dirks: Modern Versions Of The Historic Knife

The dirk has a long, exciting history and has been used for everything from farming to war all around the world.

Samurai Chef’s Knives

Few knives have been as heavily influenced by Japanese methods as the chef's knife.These four quality blades show off the modern meeting the historic.

The Navaja: A Spanish Gem

The Navaja is a sleek, svelte folder originating from Spain hundreds of years ago. Today it remains popular in both the real and digital worlds.
Ka-Bar Hero

Best Ka-Bar: Modern Options Of The Historic Knife

Ka-Bar makes one of the most legendary American combat/utility knives. First issued in 1942, the knife continues to impress and inspire today.

The Gerber Mark II: A Historic Fighting Knife

The Gerber Mark II is one of the most famous combat knives ever issued to the American military. First introduced in 1966, it still endures today.

The Best Wharncliffe Options

The wharncliffe is an interesting blade design with a captivating history. Over the years it's grown into a desirable EDC blade. These five wharncliffes stand out from the pack.

Trench Knife: The WW1 Relic Still Endures

With more than a century of history, the tench knife soldiers on as a historical collectible and a modern outdoor knife.

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