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When it comes to production knives, says Dexter Ewing, BLADE® field editor, as a consumer you are not afforded much say-so in terms of aesthetics or blade and handle materials. The knives are offered as-is. But what if you played an active role in helping create your own distinctive production knife? Well, you can. 110DropPointThere are a few manufacturers offering build-your-own-knife programs online. They enable you to play a pivotal role in selecting the handle color and material, blade material and shape, and even the coating choices. Be aware that these options and their number vary by manufacturer.IMG_0006-6

Nonetheless, the end product is a factory knife influenced by and for you. You can custom tailor it most any way you want based on the options provided.

Benchmade offers such a service on its website in the Custom Knife Builder section. Four models are available: large and small Griptilian AXIS Lock, and large and small Barrage AXIS assist folders.full dominator_steve

“The entire experience is very intuitive and walks the customer through the process of customizing the knife selected,” explains Derrick Lau, Benchmade public relations and communications manager. “Starting with the blade for the Griptilian or the Barrage, customers can select from drop-point or tanto styles …. See the June 2016 issue of BLADE to read the rest of the fascinating feature article. Enjoy!

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