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Copper Damascus: An Exciting New Way To Make Knives

Whether you call it copper san-mai, cu-mai, or anything else, copper damascus is one of the trendiest ways to forge knives today.

The Soft-Backed Blade

For maximum toughness without sacrificing edge performance, consider a soft-backed blade.

San-Mai: Steel Trinity

The three-layer construction of san-mai results in sharp, durable, beautiful blades

Knifemakers’ Key Equipment

Shop Dump: Top makers reveal the key equipment that helps them get the job done “Shop Dump” is a new BLADE® feature showcasing the special...

Stainless Damascus: Challenges In Forging

Stainless damascus knives look fantastic and resist rust in the process, but present the knifemaker with a host of challenges.

DIY Engraving Vise or Block

The bowling ball vise makes knife handle work easy and inexpensive As the old adage goes, “necessity is the mother of invention,” but whoever thought...

Knifemaking: How to Make Temper Lines

Temper lines—aka hamons—are a very exciting part of knifemaking, and I would like to share with you how I produce cool temper lines on...

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