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8 Amazing Additions To Any Knife Book Library

When you look at these eight knife books that F&W Media has put out, they're not only impressive as a whole, but each individual title is clearly an example of quality work.

NEW BLADE Show Site Easy To Use/Navigate

The brand-new BLADE Show website makes learning about the show, buying tickets, seeing exhibitor and sponsor lists and getting updates on the seminars schedule easier than ever!

DMT Brings You: Two Ways to Sharpen Your Hunting Knife

The experts at Diamond Machining Technology (DMT) have composed a "how to" article below to help knife users understand which sharpening techniques are best for different hunting-knife tasks.

Hunter’s Edge: 3 EZ-Carry Field Hones

    Keeping your hunting knife sharp at all times is a must in the field. One of the best ways to do it is...

The Hunter’s Edge: 3 Hot Fixed Blades

You can't beat fixed blades for down-and-dirty, heavy-duty hunting knife use, and three hot factory examples from ShopBlade are more than ready for the...

Hunter’s Edge: 2 Kommer Skinners, How To Make a Hunter Video

Get hunting knives designed by Alaska hunting guide/award-winning maker Russ Kommer or build your own via a Gene Osborn video at ShopBlade.com.     The CRKT...

Hunter’s Edge: 3 Sharp Folding Hunters

    The Outdoor Edge SwingBlaze Knife is two knives in one. Push a button and the blade rotates in the handle from a drop-point...