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The knives of the Rambo movies were characters unto themselves. BLADE magazine celebrates 35 years of Rambo with in-depth features, behind-the-scenes stories, advice for knife collectors and some new takes on old favorites.

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Who Designed the Knives Used in Rambo 5: Last Blood?

Dietmar Pohl designed the knives used in "Rambo 5: Last Blood." Take a closer look here.
Knife used in Rambo Last Blood

Dietmar Pohl To Make Two Knives for Rambo 5: Last Blood

The knives used in Rambo V: Last Blood will be made by Dietmar Pohl, a German knifemaker. See photos and read more about this iconic movie franchise here.
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“Rambo V” Movie Announced for Fall 2019 Release

After years of being as mythical as its title character, the fifth movie in the Rambo franchise, Rambo V, is slated for a fall 2019 release
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Who Did Movie Knives Better? “First Blood” vs. “The Hunted”

Here's a look at a movie knife classic, First Blood, and a movie that borrowed generously from the Rambo universe. Spoiler alert: ripping off Rambo is never a good idea.
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The Story of the Rambo Knives in 22 Photos

See the story of the Rambo knife evolve through the course of four movies and 35 years in these photos.
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Four Things You Didn’t Know About Rambo

From Rambo's Canadian roots to the story behind the term, "First Blood," here are four things even the biggest Rambo fans may not know about.
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The Lost Rambo Knife You Never Knew About

If there’s such a thing as the “lost knife of Rambo” it’s the model known as the “Rescue Mission Knife” that appears briefly in Rambo III.