Cool Custom Combat Knives

(Jerry Brouwer battle blade)
(Jerry Brouwer battle blade)

I was thinking the other day that, in a perfect world, those who put their lives at risk to defend our country would be provided with the newest, most high-tech, quality weapons and equipment in order to their duties.

In some ways, the American forces are the most well-equipped in the world, but in others, they are not. Knives, for example—wouldn’t it be great if all soldiers could carry a hand-fashioned, quality, custom knife with them everyday?

The expense of a handmade combat knife is high, but what’s the cost for a soldier not to carry one? What prompted my thoughts on the subject was the “Battle Honed” section of the KNIVES 2015 book. Between pages 84 and 86 of the KNIVES book are 15 of the most spectacular, clean, handsome, utilitarian, well-built combat knives, hatchets and tomahawks I’ve ever laid my eyes upon. Three examples are shown herein.

What would your ideal combat knife be? And who would make it? For more tactical/combat knives, click here. To see the other 12 combat knives in the KNIVES 2015 book, click here.

(Levi Graham belt knife and tactical tomahawk. Chuck Ward image)
(Levi Graham belt knife and tactical tomahawk. Chuck Ward image)








(Les George Marine Corps EOD technician's kit knife. PointSeven image)
(Les George Marine Corps EOD technician’s kit knife. PointSeven image)

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