KA-BAR Issues WWII Theater Knife

KA-BAR Issues WWII Theater Knife

KA-BAR announces an exciting project to manufacture and release a limited edition of 350 iconic E.W. Stone WW II theater knives. E.W. Stone, Jr., Stone’s son, has collaborated with KA-BAR to use his father’s original handle casts of what has now become legendary to WW II knife collectors—skull and cobra grips. The grips will anchor 350 KA-BAR USMC Fighting/Utility knives with blued blades.EWStoneKnifeStoneKnife

The climate and the nature of combat in the South Pacific led to the creation of the Stone Knife.  The leather handle of the KA-BAR USMC Fighting/Utility knife often fell prey to the humidity, rainfall and combat conditions of the Pacific campaign. Though the blade remained intact, the handles occasionally suffered from jungle rot. In a display of resourcefulness, E.W. Stone, Sr., who worked in the foundry of the USS Holland, cast new handles onto the KA-BAR blades. Stone salvaged material from downed Japanese aircraft to make his signature handle. Approximately 250-300 E.W. Stone theater knives were made during World War II, and according to his son in a video (see video at end of story), about 95 percent of the cast handles were on KA-BAR knife blades.

The modern KA-BAR E.W. Stone Knife features a JRE semi-custom sheath, a golden oak Gerstner display case, an informational booklet and DVD, and a certificate of authenticity signed by KA-BAR President John Stitt and E.W. Stone, Jr.

The KA-BAR E.W. Stone Knife can be purchased only at KA-BAR.com, or by calling KA-BAR at 800-282-0130. The cost of the E.W. Stone is $1,000.  The E.W. Stone Knife is sold on a first come first serve basis and is limited to five per customer.

Make sure to watch this fascinating video interview with E.W. Stone, Jr.:

KA-BAR E.W. Stone Knife Limited Edition from KA-BAR Knives on Vimeo.

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