These Daggers Are Dope!


If a guy was going to Tweet about something, “Dope Daggers” would be a good subject, with a hash tag in front, of course, for good measure. Yes, #DopeDaggers is an awesome Twitter message, alongside a .pdf or link to an image of a sweet handmade dagger fresh from the forge. It’s not a bad thing to talk about, bring to the forefront or communicate to a mass audience, and much more interesting than the latest thing Kim Kardashian or Miley Cyrus had to say, neither of whom, I’m quite certain, could come close to building an acceptable dagger.
Tabor 001

Not many folks have the skills to fashion symmetrically accurate daggers, those with edge-holding blades, comfortable, non-slip grips and protective yet non-clunky or hand-pinching guards. The utilitarian pieces are purpose built for piercing and cutting, ground to even edges and stout but pointy tips, easy to slide into custom sheaths. These are not tools to be taken lightly, but lifesaving measures that serve multiple purposes and satisfy many needs.

Knapp_140701CYes, there are worse things to Tweet about than Dope Daggers. One could brag on a hot girlfriend, a great singing voice or the sighting of a movie star on a street corner, you know, such things as those that keep the world spinning on its axis. Or a simple message like “#DopeDaggers” could go out and someone might just contact the Twitter account holder, purchase one of the maker’s pieces and carry the tool for a lifetime. #MostAwesomeDude

The preceding was excerpted from the KNIVES 2016 book. Click here to reserve your copy today and view beautiful, full-color photos of daggers and other works.

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