Well, Modern Rambo, Which Knife?


Among other things, the movie First Blood starring Sylvester Stallone as Rambo, revolutionized the knife industry through the sudden vast popularity of the Rambo knife.

Though the movie was more action flick than true survival doc, the premise was solid when you think about it—a Spec Ops soldier returns from war, highly trained, but suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome, has a hard time fitting into society, and hits the road, hitchhiking. He meets up with a sadistic cop who brings him in and mistreats him. The soldier reaches the boiling point and takes justice into his own hands.T6647

It could happen today. So, if it did, and you were the soldier, which knife would you choose to have with you in the mountainous Western terrain while U.S. Marshals, the National Guard and your commanding officer searched for you? Would it be a hollow-handle Jimmy Lile Rambo survival knife? A newer, more modern version thereof? Or maybe it would be a tactical tomahawk like the CRKT Kangee T-HawkA Buck Pathfinder? A Famars USA SRT Survival Knife? What would your ideal survival knife be in a true Rambo situation?

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