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Jensen Knives To Be In S.F. Art Exhibit

Award-winning knifemaker John Lewis Jensen will have two knives on display at 724 Studios in San Francisco Nov. 4 through Nov. 19, according to Jensen’s e-mail newsletter.

The knives will be exhibited in a show entitled “MOveMENT” sponsored by the Metal Arts Guild of San Francisco in celebration of the guild’s 60th anniversary, and will coincide with the one-day symposium, “Forging Communities.”

A story on how Jensen makes his “Desk Daggers” will appear in the upcoming book, “BLADE’s Guide To Making Knives, Vol. 2.” The book has a tentative release date of late April 2012.

For more information visit Jensen’s Website at www.jensenknives.com or e-mail him at john@jensenknives.com. Or, call him on his cell at 323-559-7454 or his alternate cell at 401-829-9959.

Knifemaker Claude Montjoy Passes Away

Knifemaker Claude Montjoy of Clinton, South Carolina, passed away Sept. 23. He was 74.

A member of the South Carolina Association of Knife Makers, Montjoy was a full-time maker who sold his first knife in 1982. He made knives by the stock removal method and built folders, including slip joints, locking liners and interframes, and also hunters, boot knives, fighters and some art knives.

Services were held Sept. 24. Condolences may be expressed online at www.grayfuneralhome.com.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests that memorials be made to the First Baptist Church of Joanna, 301 Magnolia St., Joanna, SC 29351.

Fox News Analyst Knows Knives And Uses Them, Too

Fox News analyst S.E. Cupp (at right in accompanying photo), who will appear on the Don Imus Show tomorrow morning on the Fox Business Channel, is a huge supporter of veterans and wounded veterans. She recently attended a hunting trip for wounded veterans coordinated by Blade Magazine Cutlery Hall-Of-Fame© member Ken Onion (left in accompanying photo) and others. In the process, Cupp got elbow deep dressing out a bear and also learned how to throw knives made by Bobby Branton.

“I donated a set of throwing knives to Ken Onion to keep them busy between hunts,” Branton stated. “Ken said that they threw them 15 hours a day for three days. He sent a picture of S.E. Cupp throwing and he has video, too. He said she caught on quick and turned out to be a good thrower. I’m proud everyone enjoyed my knives.”

Thanks to Onion, Branton and others, the wounded vets had a great time, and Cupp was exposed to the world of custom knives—good news on all fronts.

Ray Appleton Passes Away at 88

Ray Appleton, maker of the “I.Q.” and other puzzle-type, “multilock” custom knives, passed away Saturday. He was 88.

The tall, lanky, likable Appleton caused quite a sensation with his puzzle/multilock knives in the late 1980s. Beautifully carved, anodized titanium folders, they were way ahead of their time (see “Ray Appleton Redefines the Folding Knife,” January/February 1988 BLADE®). One of their main endearing features is that Ray would build them with hidden mechanisms, etc., so you had to figure out how to open them.

BLADE field editor Ed Fowler, a long-time acquaintance of Ray’s, had nothing but good things to say about the talented maker. “Ray was my hero when I was a kid in high school and remains a hero to me,” Fowler observed.

According to Ray’s son, Ron, an accomplished maker in his own right who will display his knives at the upcoming Art Knife Invitational, Ray had not been in a knife shop in at least seven years. Ray had moved to Montana to live with his daughter and spend time with his grand kids and play on the computer.

Buck Knives, Inc. Announces Partnership with Haley Heath

Buck Knives Inc. is pleased to announce the signing of Haley Heath and “Family Traditions with Haley Heath” to a multi-year license agreement which includes a signature line of hunting knives designed for female hunters. 

This unprecedented partnership in the cutlery industry will enable Buck Knives and Haley Heath the opportunity to fulfill a long overdue need in the cutlery marketplace.  “I am incredibly excited to be the first female featured with her own line of hunting knives from the number one brand in hunting, Buck Knives,” stated Heath.  “We have a great opportunity to create a new line of female specific products.  From my travels and interactions with people around the country, I know this is a need and I am happy to work with Buck Knives to provide knives to all the other ladies who enjoy the outdoors as much as I do. Buck Knives has been producing quality USA made knives since 1902 and to work with them is awesome.”

 Chuck Buck, Chairman of Buck Knives stated, “We are all so pleased to be able to work with Haley, G.O., and the entire Heath family.  They represent everything we believe in when it comes to family, outdoors and hunter safety.  I have no doubt that Haley and G.O. will be great ambassadors for Buck Knives.” 

“Family Traditions with Haley Heath” is a popular program on the Sportsman Channel that epitomizes today’s generation of hunters and shows first-hand how family traditions can be passed down in powerful ways. Haley, a 5th-generation hunter, “Ultimate Outdoorsman Finalist” and the first woman to receive The Sportsman Channel’s “Viewer-Favorite” award, hosts the show.  She hosts the show with her husband G.O. and their son Gunner and daughter Dakota for the true “Family Traditions” experience. 

42nd Annual Guild Show Highlights The Weekend

Some of the world’s finest custom knives and the people who make, sell, supply the materials for and buy/collect them will be the focus of the granddaddy of all custom knife shows, the 42nd Annual Knifemakers’ Guild Show, Sept. 16-18 in the ballroom (see picture) of the historic Seelbach Hilton Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.

The festivities will begin with the President’s Gala for honorary Guild members Thursday night, Sept. 15, at 7:30. The show will kick into high gear Friday from noon to 6 p.m. Saturday hours will be 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday hours will be 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Over 100 tables of custom knives, prize drawings, awards and more will be among the highlights.

Located at 500 Fourth St. in the heart of downtown Louisville, the regal Seelbach Hilton features all the amenities and is within easy walking distance of a number of downtown eateries, watering holes, shops, and much more. The Seelbach can be reached at 502-585-3200.

For more information visit www.knifemakersguild.com.

Pause and Reflect on 9/11

We were all in a state of shock on this day 10 years ago. Along with the horrific spectacle of the Twin Towers collapsing, everything America stood for seemed to be coming down around our heads. But out of that tragedy we emerged, stronger than ever in many ways, even if many think we as a nation overreacted in others.

On this day 10 years later, give thanks for what you have. Hug your mom, your wife, your kids, your dog (or cat), or just sit in your front or backyard and look around at the things that many in this world would love to have—and remember the untold scores who have given their lives for you to keep.

I, for one, will think of Heather Voyles Bradford, the daughter of my old boss, Blade Magazine Cutlery Hall-Of-Fame© member Bruce Voyles. Heather had tried for years to have children and in the past few days she succeeded in giving birth to her first child, Samuel Forrest Bradford. A decade after all the devastation visited upon New York City, the Pentagon, a lonely field in Pennsylvania and America as a whole, the Voyles are celebrating a new addition. Somehow it seems appropriate that when so many lost so much 10 years ago, there is a new face in this world today to help continue to make America and all Americans proud of what we are now, and what we will be in the future.

God bless us all and GOD BLESS AMERICA!


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