Stiletto Switchblade: Sharp And Controversial


There Are Few Knives More Controversial Than The Stiletto Switchblade. This Automatic Knife Is Outlawed In Numerous States And Countries.

Certain knives get the interest of lawmakers and not for good reasons. The stiletto switchblade is extremely controversial because owning one is completely outlawed in seven states and heavily restricted in another eight.

The stiletto endures because of its use in movies and television and because it opens unlike other types of knives.

Why Is The Stiletto Switchblade Banned?

In the states where the knife is completely outlawed, a big reason is due to the way the blade deploys. The blade flips out due to a button, or other assisted means, much faster than most knives that open with a nail nick or a thumb stud. This has earned it a classification as a “dangerous knife” in many states, thus leading to its ban or restriction.

This short video shows how quickly a stiletto can be opened.

Remember though, the stiletto is only banned or restricted in 16 states and is legal in states from coast to coast, between the borders, and even in Alaska. It’s just important to check your local knife laws to make sure they are allowed to be owned and carried.

What Even Is A Stiletto Switchblade?

A stiletto is a long, narrow blade used historically in Italy and around Europe with a needle point. It GAINED POPULARITY IN THE 15th century and was used by knights and assassins alike throughout the Middle Ages as a fixed-blade knife.

Stilettos evolved throughout the ages into well-honed COMBAT knives used throughout the world. In the 1950s, large numbers of switchblades began to be imported to America from Italy that featured a stiletto blade, and the name “Stiletto Switchblade” stuck over the ensuing decades.

The knives are still made in Italy and in other countries as well. 

Best Stiletto Switchblade To Buy

If you live in a state where it is legal to own a stiletto, there are many on the market today. HERE ARE A FEW NOTABLE EXAMPLES.

Timber Wolf Mosaic Damascus Stiletto

A beautiful and durable knife, this stiletto from Timber Wolf would be a great conversation starter with other knife lovers. 

The blade and the handle are both made from damascus steel with inlaid wood and brass pins accenting the handle. The BLADE is four inches when deployed and nine inches in total length. The brass liners and stud contrast nicely with the rich, dark color of the blade material.

Just be careful when closing the KNIFE. The double-edge BLADE means there’s no dull spine to push the knife closed so it’s important to be diligent in closing so you don’t slice your hand. 

Is this the most utilitarian stiletto? No. Is this a beautiful knife that you’ll want to show off to everyone you know? Absolutely.

MSRP: $61.99

PRO-TECH 720 Godson Auto Folder

This small, nimble knife won THE BLADE MAGAZINE 2014 Investor/Collector Knife Of The Year® and it’s easy to see why. PRO-TECH has made a versatile stiletto in the Godson that’s used by both military and civilian folks alike.

The stiletto-inspired blade is 3.15 INCHES OF 154CM STAINLESS STEEL ground to a spear point with a blasted finish. It OPENS via a push button from the 6061-T6 aluminum handle. 

It deploys in a flash and is an excellent self-defense knife or just as your regular EDC. There are no bells and whistles on this knife; it’s just well-constructed and well thought out to be one of the best and easiest-OPENING switchblades on the market. 

MSRP: $200

Kershaw Launch 8

From one of America’s biggest factory KNIFE COMPANIES, the Kershaw Launch 8 takes inspiration from the traditional stiletto and repackages it in a modern way. 

The blade of CPM 154 STEEL is corrosion resistant and holds its edge. The push button release and lock ALLOW for lightning fast deployment and a secure lock that keeps everything firm when open. The button is low profile to help prevent accidental deployment while in your pocket. The pocket clip is ambidextrous and can also be fitted so the knife carries tip up in your pocket.

The anodized aluminum handle with carbon fiber insert is strong and light. The whole piece weighs just 2.4 ounces. 

MSRP: $155.99

Viper-Tec VT Don Italian Stiletto OTF

This stiletto from Viper-Tec is the lone OTF (OUT-THE-FRONT) knife on the list and opens with a mechanism that both deploys the knife and brings it back into the handle. 

The blade itself is made from a ridiculously sharp stainless steel that is 3.75 inches long with a flat grind. The satin finish gives the blade a classy, elegant look, and the handle is available in both wood and marble.

At 5.25 inches in length when closed, it sits easily in a pocket or a bag. 

The Don Italian is a smart knife. Everything has been thought through to make an easy-to-use stiletto that can last you for years.

MSRP: $79.96

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