Tactical And Switchblade Combs That Keep You Looking Cool


A Switchblade Comb Is A Fun Take On The Knife Design. Unlike The Knife, The Switchblade Comb Can Be Taken On A Plane.

The switchblade looks cool. The blade firing out at speed and satisfyingly clicking into place is one of the great joys of the knife world. However, many legal codes of countries around the world don’t look fondly on the fast-moving blade. But that cool factor has endured and can be seen in switchblade combs. And they have the added benefit of being far, far cheaper than even the lowest-quality stiletto.

Switchblade combs?

Yes. It’s a comb that deploys like a switchblade. Maybe you’re looking for a comb with a burst of excitement, or a comb that isn’t made of cheap, flimsy plastic. Or maybe you’re a Jet or a Shark that needs to look good for their next rumble.

No matter what the reason, the switchblade comb is a fun little tool to have. This knife… I mean comb shows what the switchblade comb is all about.

Etrading Italian-Style Automatic Comb

Etrading Italian-Style Automatic Comb

This comb is a perfect example of what a switchblade comb can be. The handle is made from pearl-toned polymer, and the blade is made from 440 stainless steel that’s built to last. At nine inches in length, with a five-inch handle, the comb sits well in the hand and feels good to use.

The stainless bolsters help take the look to the next level, and it all comes together thanks to the push-button deployment that sends the comb out in a blink. Additionally, there is a trigger lock-out that prevents the comb from opening in your pocket or bag.

This is a fun piece that you can show off to friends and keep your hair well-coiffed too.

MSRP: $10.50

Tops Knives Tac-Rake

Tops Knives Tac-Rake

For something a bit more robust there is the Tac-Rake from TOPS Knives. This beard comb is of the fixed-blade variety (yes, not a switchblade but it’s so good) that’s made from black traction-coated steel meted to a tan canvas micarta handle.

It’s only 5.88 inches in total length so it’s probably not the best comb for a full head of hair, but it is specially made for a beard and will keep your facial hair looking clean and sharp. The fact that you’ll feel like a champ while using it is just an added bonus.

The included leather sheath makes traveling with the comb easy and stress-free.

MSRP: $105

Microtech UTX-85

Microtech UTX-85

This OTF comb is the Cadillac of combs. The blade is stainless, and the handle is anodized aluminum. It’s luxurious to use, and the dual-action mechanism deploys and retracts the knife in the blink of an eye.

The teeth are nice and fine so it’ll brush your hair and your beard with ease. Adding to the tactical nature of the comb, the glass breaker at the butt of the piece is a handy tool to have on your person. And, since this isn’t a proper sharpened knife, you can take this with you wherever you go from a baseball game to a restaurant and even on a plane.

MSRP: $340

BeardAir Tactical Beard Comb

BeardAir Tactical Beard Comb

For a tactical combing experience, there is this sleek comb from BeardAir. With a blade made from 17-4PH steel, and a handle made from aviation aluminum. It’s light and strong, and the automatic open/close function deploys the comb with speed and style.

Unlike the other combs on this list, the Tactical Beard Comb comes in all sorts of different colors so you can find the one that fits your aesthetic the best whether it’s a more traditional black knife with red accents or something more wild like the olive green and pink one above. 

MSRP: $59.99

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