You still have time to support Georgia’s SB432, a Knife Law Preemption bill that would protect law-abiding citizens traveling through the state from a patchwork of conflicting knife laws that make citizens in accordance with the law in one jurisdiction and lawbreakers in the next.

    As Atlanta is home to the BLADE Show, successful passage of SB432 would not only ensure Georgia residents carrying a knife are treated fairly wherever they travel in Georgia, but all those traveling to the BLADE Show though towns and cities with knife laws more restrictive than Georgia’s otherwise decent knife laws would be safe from violation. (Author’s note: An Atlanta city ordinance makes it illegal to carry any automatic or any knife with a blade longer than 3 inches “readily available for use.”)

    According to Knife Rights, the Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee has passed SB432 but your help is needed urgently to get the bill through the state’s Senate Rules Committee and a Senate floor vote. Knife enthusiasts have only until close of business tomorrow, Wednesday, to get the bill through the Senate Rules Committee and a Senate floor vote.

     If you live, work or travel in Georgia, and this includes every BLADE Show exhibitor and attendee, please POLITELY contact the Chairman and Co-Chairman of the Senate Rules Committee and simply ask them to bring SB432 to a vote on the floor:

     Chairman: Senator Don Balfour (404) 656-0095
     Co-Chairman: Senator Bill Hamrick (404) 656-0036

     SB432 is sponsored by Senator Bill Heath, who has worked hard getting it through to this point. Now it is important for ALL of US to help him get it through the Senate (and then on through the House).

    E-MAIL Senators Balfour and Hamrick TODAY and/or call them.

    For more information click on   

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