Knife Review: CRKT Skeggox


The CRKT Skeggox Is A Fun Little Hatchet That Swings A Big Game And Can Handle The Daily Tasks Around Your Property

A good hatchet is worth its weight in gold, and in the case of the CRKT Skeggox it weighs just 1.63 pounds. 

This fun, tactical hatchet is one of the newest offerings from CRKT. I had the chance to try it out on my property as winter descended. I had never used a hatchet before. I don’t think I’ll be needing to get another one for quite a long time.

What Is The Skeggox Made Of?

CRKT Skeggox

Let’s start with the particulars. The Skeggox is 12.94 inches long with a 4.83-inch blade made from SK-5 carbon steel for good edge retention. The glass-reinforced nylon handle is lightweight, cool, and feels excellent in the hand when swung. The blade is powder coated for extra corrosion resistance and gives the Skeggox an all-black look.

The hatchet includes a thermoplastic sheath that I loved. It has a clip to fasten it securely shut, but it fit so snug that you could easily travel with it and not clasp the clip (although you absolutely should). 

Testing the Skeggox

The vines I first went at with the Skeggox

When I went to test the Skeggox I had the perfect patient: this nightmare of vines and saplings in my backyard. Before the arborist came to remove it all I took the hatchet out there to see what it could do.

With the vines it was a thumbs down. The thin, almost grassy material was not easy to chop through. The fact that the blade would slide off of the vines instead of slicing through made me uncomfortable because I didn’t know where the blade was going to go. I quickly moved onto the saplings, which were entwined with the vines in their upper reaches.

But as you can see, these saplings were the perfect size to really see what the Skeggox could do. And boy howdy, could it do a lot!

The saplings before meeting the Skeggox.

I went to work swinging the hatchet with a smile on my face. The Skeggox is weighted so well that each swing made me want to swing it again. I was wearing my outdoor gloves and the handle never once slipped as I chopped at the tree. 

It took a touch over two minutes, and it wasn’t the cleanest cut, but in the end, the sapling stood no chance.

cut sapling
The sapling after meeting the Skeggox.

I’m also getting my fence replaced in a few weeks so I took the Skeggox and began laying blows into the tops of the fence posts. I went as hard as I could to beat up the hatchet as much as possible. 

Final Cut

And finally, I returned to my kitchen, put a fresh Campari tomato on a plate, and drew the Skeggox down toward it. It went through like a hot knife through butter. Then, for good measure, I even quartered the tomato just as easily.

This is an excellent piece of kit. I can’t recommend it more highly. If you own a home and are looking for an affordable hatchet to use in the yard, this is the piece to get.

Knife Specs

MSRP: $158

Blade Material: SK-5 carbon steel

Blade Length: 4.83 inches

Blade Edge: Axe with beard

Full Length: 12.94 inches

Handle Material: Glass-reinforced nylon

Weight: 1.63 pounds

Sheath Material: Thermoplastic

Sheath Weight: 5.5 ounces 

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