An Axe with a Beard?

daniel winkler bearded axe
The "beard" refers to the shape of the axe head.
daniel winkler bearded axe
The “beard” refers to the shape of the axe head.

Beards and blades never went out of style, so it’s only appropriate that an axe continue the tradition with a “beard” of its own. The BAX 002 Bearded Axe, offered via Williams Blade Design, draws from Viking lore with a formidable design hatched by ABS master smith Daniel Winkler, someone with plenty of beardly street cred himself.

While the follicles on the BAX 002 are noticeably absent, it should be noted that the “beard” refers to the shape of the axe head. The extra gap this allows between the head and the handle allows the user to “choke up behind the edge for detailed work,” according to a media release. The result offers enough heft to satisfy raiding parties of yesteryear or today.

From Williams Blade Design:

Inspired by the axes of the Vikings, this bearded axe is equally at home in the wild or on the battlefield. The full tang 80CrV2 steel construction makes for an impressively tough tool that excels in the roughest environments. The walnut handle scales provide excellent feel for delicate tasks, and solid grip when the need arises.

Here are the specs.

  • Steel: 80CrV2 (1/4″ 6.4mm)
  • Head shape: Bearded
  • Overall Length: 14.5″ (368mm)
  • Cutting Edge: 5.25″ (133mm)
  • Head width: 6″ (152mm)
  • Weight: 2lb (930g)
  • Handle Material: Walnut
  • Finish: Matte Black Oxidized (Caswell)
  • Sheath: Kydex (lined)
  • Produced by: Winkler Knives II
  • Batch quantity: 50 pieces
  • Release: March 2018
  • Made in: Boone, NC USA
  • MSRP: $575

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