Japanese Style Knife Handle Wrap
The finished wrap should look like this.

ABS master smith Wally Hayes details each step in this photo series. This demonstration wraps over a ray skin handle.

Japanese Style Handles
Step 1: Lay the middle of the silk wrap across the handle, overhanging the ray skin a little bit.
Knifemaking photos
Step 2: Start by folding the wrap a half turn down. The trick is to fold the wrap, not twist it.
Wally Hayes knifemaker
Step 3: Fold the wrap a half turn up.
Japanese knife handles
Step 4: Fold the wrap a half turn down, being sure to always turn the half-turned-down part into the handle side.
How to wrap a knife handle
Step 5: Fold the wrap a half turn up and lay it across the handle. Reach around the back of the handle and pull the ends of the wrap tight.
Knife handle wraps
Step 6: Start again on the right-hand side of the handle. Fold the wrap a half turn down.
Ray skin knife handles
Step 7: Fold the wrap a half turn up.
Wrap a knife handle with cord
Step 8: Fold the wrap a half turn down and then a half turn up, lay it over the right side and grip it. Adjust your grip, pull the ends of the wrap tight and re-grip. The wraps will lock into each other. Keep the folds and crossover section in the middle of the handle. Pull both ends tight.
Knife handle wrapping tips
Step 9: Continue wrapping down the handle. The first wrap on each side is left over right. As you continue down the handle, alternate left over right, then right over left.
Japanese Style Knife Handle Wrap Example
Step 10: Once you get to the handle butt, feed the wrap through the lanyard hole.
Step by step knifemaking tips
Step 11: Feed the wrap through the lanyard hole until you cover the entire butt.
Gluing knife handle wrap
Step 12: Hold both ends of the wrap and apply a drop of Crazy Glue® to freeze the wrap in place.
Wrapping a knife handle
Step 13: Turn the knife over and clamp the blade to a table. Cut off the ends of the wrap with an exacto blade.
Gluing a knife handle
Step 14: Being careful not to get it on the ray skin, apply epoxy to the wrap with a small paintbrush.


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