Learn Knife Grinding at BLADE U.

Learn Knife Grinding at BLADE U.
Chris Williams will be among the makers who will teach you how to grind a knife blade during BLADE University. (Wilmont Grinders photo)
Chris Williams at BLADE U.
Chris Williams of Wilmont Grinders will be among the makers who will teach knife grinding during BLADE University, brought to you by Premium Knife Supply. (Wilmont Grinders photo)

Learn knife grinding at the 2nd Annual BLADE University brought to you by Premium Knife Supply in a three-part class taught by knifemakers Lucas Burnley, Tom Krein and Chris Williams.

BLADE U. will be held in conjunction with the 2015 BLADE Show June 5-7 at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta. Also held in the Cobb Galleria, BLADE U. will begin the Thursday (June 4) before the show and end show Saturday. The grinding seminar is but one of a full range of classes on a variety of knife subjects taught by some of the world’s leading cutlery professionals.

In their blade-grinding instructional, the three makers will outline the proper tools and equipment, the importance of safety and show you how it’s all done.

In the classroom setting of part one, they will discuss two-wheel vs. three-wheel grinders; variable speed vs. fixed speed; the differences between 1- and 2-inch contact wheels; belts and belt backings; flat platens; small wheel attachments; rotary attachment; grinding jigs; and more.

From the classroom to the outside setting of The Courtyard of the show’s adjoining host hotel, the Renaissance Waverly, in part two the three makers will teach grinding for beginners on machines provided by Wilmont Grinders. The session will include how to scribe the centerline and grind lines on the blade, how to hollow grind to the grind lines and grind a swedge/clip, and more. Finally, in part three, Burnley will cover advanced blade grinding—including grinding in a fuller—and recurve, compound and convex grinds.

For more information including how to enroll in BLADE University and/or buy tickets for the BLADE Show, visit BLADE Show or e-mail bladeshow@fwmedia.com.

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