Cutting Critique: HTM Lightfoot Bullwhip

Greg Lightfoot's Bullwhip design in a tanto blade by HMT is exclusive to ShopBlade.
The HMT/Lightfoot Bullwhip in the tanto blade is a ShopBlade exclusive.
Greg Lightfoot's Bullwhip design in a tanto blade by HMT is exclusive to ShopBlade.
The HTM Lightfoot Bullwhip in the tanto blade is a ShopBlade exclusive and gets the once over in our “Cutting Critique.”

The HTM Lightfoot Bullwhip Tanto is one of those deceptive heavy-duty tactical folders that feels big to the touch but, at 6.5 ounces, is surprisingly lightweight—and is our latest entry in our “Cutting Critique” series.

Designed by award-winning knifemaker, motorcycle racing enthusiast, kayak builder and all-around man of many talents, Greg Lightfoot of Alberta, Canada, the HTM tanto version of the knife is exclusive to ShopBlade ( The 3.5-inch hollow-ground blade with a hint of a recurve is coated black and the factory edge is razor sharp for any number of cutting jobs straight out of the box. The tip is also razor sharp and thickened on the spine end, ideal for penetration, a hallmark of any classic tanto blade design.

The robust, hump-backed handle is 5/8-inch thick and features Lightfoot’s “shark-skin” texture on the non-clip side for enhanced purchase. A slight finger groove in the bolster, reverse bird’s-beak butt and flipper guard keep your hand squarely in control of the knife.

The Maxx Glide Pivot Bearing System, designed by Darrel Ralph, operates effortlessly by way of the flipper opener. The tension on the locking liner spring is nice and tight—though not too tight—to keep the blade securely open during use.

The only thing I do not like is the sharp end of the flipper. While it provides excellent traction for opening the knife, the sharp end can jab you at inopportune times—not enough to seriously injure you but enough to be uncomfortable. However, it’s nothing that can’t be remedied with a few swipes of your favorite abrasive.

A cool black zippered pouch with the HTM (Hand-Tech-Made) logo completes the package. ShopBlade’s price: $299.99.

Click here to get the HTM Lightfoot Bullwhip Tanto.

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