How Do You Open Your Knife?

How Do You Open Your Knife?
The Timberline SOC folding knife uses thumb studs to open the blade.
Thumb studs are the mode of opening for the Timberline SOC folding knife.
The Timberline SOC folding knife uses thumb studs to open the blade.

So which do you like best to open the blade on your folding knife? Are you a fan of the “Spyderco hole” or do you prefer the thumb studs of such knives as the Timberline SOC Folder? How about a disc atop the blade? Or do you simply grasp the blade between thumb and index finger and snap the knife open? Do flippers do it for you or are you one of those rugged individualists from the 1960s who can open your Buck 110 folding hunter one-handed by the nail nick? Or do you go back even further and prefer opening your traditional slip joint with two hands? Or do you shun all folders and use fixed blades only?

Opening folding knives is one of those things that seem to galvanize Americans everywhere. From the anti-switchblade hysteria of the 1950s caused by Hollywood’s sensationalizing the knife through such film fantasies as The Blackboard Jungle, Rebel Without a Cause and West Side Story to today’s assisted openers, methods for opening folding knives have been miscast as the root of all evil, the means of corrupting our nation’s youth and other social pariahs. Meanwhile, those who use knives for 99.9 percent of what most are used for—cutting—have hailed them for their convenience, utility and, at times, ability to save lives in situations where the user had only one hand to open his blade and cut his way out of danger.

Yes, the one-hand folder is one of the most sensible tools on the planet, and we want to know what your favorite version is. Tell us in words, pictures or however you want to do it. Here’s your chance to set the record straight and maybe even convert some poor miscreant who really thinks one-hand knives are the modern equivalent of the apple in the Garden Of Evil.

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