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Forged In Fire on The History Channel.

1.4 Million Watch Forged In Fire

The History Channel's new Forged In Fire TV reality series is drawing more viewers—1.4 million—than any knife-related media event in history.
Always practice proper knife show etiquette.

10 Tips for Proper Knife Show Etiquette

Ask Permission Always ask an exhibitor's permission before picking up a knife from his table. Nothing's worse than some ya-hoo barging up, grabbing a knife and launching into a spiel on how much he knows...

Colorado Dreamin’: Western Cutlery

A rare Twin Set of Western Cutlery knives consists of a red-handle P48A (top) and P28 (bottom). The P28 has a sabre-ground blade instead of the standard flat grind. (Clyncke photo) Knife collectors are dreamers....

Knife Of The Day: Bartlow Award Winner

Our Knife Of The Day for Feb. 22 is John Bartlow's utility hunter in a 4-inch blade of ATS-34 stainless steel and a handle of bark elephant ivory.     Winner of "Judge's Choice, Hunting/Utility Knife"...

Fox News Analyst Knows Knives And Uses Them, Too

Fox News analyst S.E. Cupp (at right in accompanying photo), who will appear on the Don Imus Show tomorrow morning on the Fox Business Channel, is a huge supporter of veterans and wounded veterans....

17th Annual Arkansas Custom Knife Show This Weekend

ABS master smith Jerry Fisk will be one of several makers exhibiting at this weekend’s Arkansas Custom Knife Show. Fisk’s “Sendero” hunter features the maker’s dog-star-pattern damascus blade steel and a mammoth ivory handle....
Forged In Fire, season three premiere.

New Forged in Fire Debuts Aug. 23

Four past champions will do bladesmithing battle under the watchful gaze of a panel of judges enhanced by the addition of yet another ABS master smith in the third-season premiere of HISTORY's hottest competition...