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The blogs of the BLADE editors, Steve Shackleford and Erin Healy.

Knives of The Expendables 2

Sylvester Stallone (top) holds the Gil Hibben Toothpick (second from top left, above) in a scene from The Expendables 2. Along with the modified version of Gil's Alamo Bowie (top left, above), it is...
Jon Waltz makes a spear-point skinner that doubles as an everyday carry.

Knifemakers Offer 20 Examples of 5 Types Of Skinners

Depending on where you live and by what method you hunt, deer season is underway. There are any number of blade patterns you could select for a skinning knife, but why are they shaped...
2018 BLADE Show

BLADE Show 2018: Plan Now!

The world's largest and most important knife event, BLADE Show 2018 will return next year at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta—and there's no time like now to make plans to attend the annual edge-stravaganza that true...

Keys To The Best Elk Antler Handles

After cutting the antler section to size, cut it in half lengthwise to form slabs. Mark the centerline using masking tape along the antler’s top, bottom and ends. (photo courtesy of Joe Szilaski)      By...
Osborne/Benchmade Emissary.

Warren Osborne Passes Away

Long-time custom knifemaker Warren Osborne passed away Jan. 4 after a long illness. He was known for his high-end custom folders and many other knives.
Now you can see the pattern-welded steel used to make the blade in this Andrew Griggs' Southern Comfort model.

6 Things BLADE Looks For In A Knife Photo

Taking great photographs of knives is no easy task—unless you're a professional, in which case you can stop reading. Essentially, you’re taking a highly detailed shot of something that fills the entire frame, not...

Knife Handles: As Wood As It Gets

ThereIn the burl category, redwood (left) and black ash (right) are among the more popular woods. Lloyd Harner uses each for the handles of his razors, as well as the most popular of all...

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